Enjoy a Post-Holiday Dinner with Your Family at A1 Japan Steakhouse near Louisville, Ohio

If you have relatives staying at your Perry Heights, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home for the holidays, you probably don’t want to cook every single evening, especially when you just prepared a Thanksgiving feast. Unfortunately, pizza can get old quickly, and there may not be that many family-friendly restaurants near your house. However, if you need a solution to your post-holiday dinner problem, you may want to venture past the Louisville, Ohio area to A1 Japan Steakhouse. The perfect casual dining establishment, A1 Japan allows patrons the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy delicious Japanese food prepared right before their very eyes! Wish fresh sushi, authentic hibachi, and much, much more, A1 Japan Steakhouse is sure to have something on their menu to please every one of your family members.

For many people, a steakhouse doesn’t make the list of family-friendly restaurants. After all, children tend to be picky eaters, refusing anything that doesn’t resemble a Happy Meal. However, for those who visit A1 Japan Steakhouse, this Louisville area establishment quickly becomes the go-to place for a fun, affordable, and casual dining experience. No matter which relatives are currently staying at your Perry Heights or Navarre home, they’re sure to be impressed by the delectable Japanese food and mesmerizing entertainment that A1 Japan Steakhouse provides.

As far as post-holiday dinners go, a night out at A1 Japan Steakhouse definitely isn’t boring. For starters, taking advantage of the offerings at this local establishment will allow you and your loved ones the chance to partake in some exotic cuisine that probably wasn’t on your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner menu. Fresh sushi rolls with flavorful add-ons like avocado and spicy mayo, authentic hibachi meals prepared right at the table—it’s unlikely that any other family-friendly restaurant in your area could offer such a unique experience.

Tasty Japanese food, exciting entertainment, menu items for even the most particular palates—what else could you want? Needless to say, A1 Japan Steakhouse is the place to go for a post-holiday dinner with your family.

If you’d like to learn more about A1 Japan Steakhouse and how this Louisville, Ohio area eatery can provide your clan with a memorable post-holiday dinner, visit their website at www.a1japanohio.com. If you have any questions for the staff members at this casual dining establishment, feel free to give them a call at 330.492.8868. However, if you’d like to try some of the fresh sushi, authentic hibachi, and other exotic Japanese food from this family-friendly restaurant, gather your relatives and take the quick trip from your Perry Heights, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home to A1 Japan Steakhouse.

A1 Japan Steakhouse
4770 Dressler Plaza Rd NW
Canton, Ohio 44718
Ph: 330.492.8868

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