Enjoy Great Food & a Cool Vibe at Sports Therapy Bar & Grille – The Downtown Sports Bar in Canton, Ohio

On weekdays and weekends, social diners in Stark County have an ideal place to go. With its impressive combination of great food, good fun, and sporting events on display, Sports Therapy Bar & Grille in Canton, Ohio is it! The downtown sports bar offers lunch specials by day and serves as a cool casual restaurant by night. It’s a daily break for professionals in and around North Canton, Ohio and a perfect meeting place for friends from Louisville, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio who want a light yet lively night out.

Tasty wings, well made burgers, creative salads, and fresh seafood highlight the menu at Sports Therapy Bar & Grille. It will take several visits to sample all of the great food and only one visit to declare the downtown sports bar your new favorite spot. A full bar with drink specials, comfortable leather seating, pool tables, and multiple TVs will influence your opinion. And this is in the day time!

Swing by the casual restaurant after business hours, and you can order more great food while you watch pay-per-view events. You could also get a few unexpected laughs if you happen to pop in on karaoke night. Or maybe you will surprise your friends with a solo of your own. The only requirement that the downtown sports bar extends to its guests and singing stars is that they be in tune for a good time. So, if that covers you, here are a few more reasons while your visit to Sports Therapy Bar & Grille could be considered overdue.

The downtown sports bar in Canton has game night specials that apply to its draft beers and great food for high school, college, and NFL games. It also has a live DJ every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night that spices up the casual restaurant side of things. And perhaps the best of all, Sports Therapy Bar & Grille has a man cave with reclining sofas, flat screen TVs, a stand-up bar, and a 50-inch big screen TV! The man cave can even be reserved by groups from North Canton, Massillon, Louisville, and surrounding areas who want to enjoy their favorite sporting events in style.

With so many perks, it’s easy to see how Sports Therapy Bar & Grille can be your favorite place. So have lunch at the downtown sports bar today. Once you confirm that great food and a cool setting exist, make plans to return with your friends. Perhaps for a night out with your buddies from North Canton, Ohio or a pool challenge with your colleagues from Louisville, Ohio and your family from Massillon, Ohio. You could also bring a date to enjoy the sports bar’s casual restaurant vibe on a weeknight. The possibilities are endless at this versatile place. For a glimpse of its offerings visit www.sportstherapybar.com. And if you want to know the current lunch specials, call 330.453.8278 and ask the staff!

Sports Therapy Bar & Grille
201 Cleveland Avenue
Canton, Ohio 44702

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