Enlist the Help of Great Trail Golf Course near Malvern, Ohio for Event Catering!

Whether you’re looking for a banquet hall in which to hold your wedding reception, or a large meeting room for a corporate party, you want to be sure the special event venue you choose offers food as well. Not only is it much more convenient, but it also means that you won’t have to spend extra on a local catering service. Unfortunately, not every establishment in the Louisville, Ohio or Homeworth, Ohio area has event catering available, which is why you may want to look a little further from home. As it turns out, Great Trail Golf Course near Malvern, Ohio has two large event rooms that you can rent out for your gathering, as well as a choice between buffet-style and served dinner.

As far as the space itself goes, Great Trail Golf Course has two options available for those who want to use their facility as a special event venue. If you’re simply looking for a meeting room that can fit up to 25 people comfortably, the Trails End is frequently used for work parties and other small gatherings. However, if you require a spacious banquet hall for 100 guests or more, the Tee House will better suit your needs. Some accessories such as linen napkins, tablecloths, skirting, center pieces, and pergolas can be rented from Great Trail Golf Course, but customers have a little more flexibility in terms of decorating than they would have at other establishments around Louisville or Homeworth.

In addition to using one of their spaces as a special event venue, you can also utilize their cooking and serving staff for event catering. For casual gatherings, a hot or cold buffet dinner can be set up in the room of your choice. With a variety of menu items available at this Malvern area establishment, you’re sure to find a delicious and affordable option that your guests will enjoy. On the other hand, customers planning a more formal event can make a request for served dinners as well. Some of the foods this local catering service can offer include prime rib, pork loin, chicken breasts, and stuffed cod filet; however, customers are not limited to the options listed on their website. If there’s a certain dish you’d like to have served at your gathering, just ask Great Trail Golf Course if it’s a possibility. The staff members at this nearby facility are happy to accommodate their customers.

No matter what type of get-together you may be planning, chances are that Great Trail Golf Course can provide the perfect special event venue. So, why not take this opportunity to learn more about their banquet hall, meeting room, and event catering? Visit their website at www.greattrailgolfcourse.com to find additional information on their buffet and served dinners. If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to give this local catering service near Malvern, Ohio a call at 330.868.6770. But if you’d like to see their facility in person, take the trip from your Louisville, Ohio or Homeworth, Ohio home to Great Trail Golf Course!

Great Trail Golf Course
10154 Great Trail Dr
Ph: 330.868.6770

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