Find Affordable Fresh Turkey and Duck for Your Stark County Family Meal at Canal Fulton Provision!

Are you hosting this year’s holiday gathering? If so, you want to make sure you have enough food for everyone. More importantly, you want to make sure you have quality foods they will love! The key to having an amazing meal is to have amazing ingredients. Find all of the holiday food products you need this season at Canal Fulton Provision.

This Stark County, Ohio business offers affordable fresh turkey to help make your Thanksgiving as delicious as possible. Interested in something a little different for your meal plans? If you’re tired of turkey, consider trying fresh duck! By buying these fresh meat products, you can create a flavorful meal without that freezer taste in the comfort of your own North Canton, Ohio home. Plus, there are a dozen different ingredients and seasonings you can add to these products to give them a unique taste. Don’t forget to pick up one of Canal Fulton Provision’s affordable holiday cheese trays while picking up your additional ingredients! These cheese trays are not only great for your holiday party with the family, but an excellent option to bring to your office party! Each cheese tray is sliced to order, ensuring that the product you receive is fresh from the beginning, the way it should be.

Since 1969, Canal Fulton Provision has been offering their customers throughout the Stark County and surrounding areas fresh, quality food products. As a family owned business, they strive for each cut of meat to exceed their customer’s satisfaction. After all, fresh products make for fresh tasting meals. With the holidays just around the corner, they’re happy to offer the freshest meat products available to their North Canton and Massillon area customers. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, now is the perfect time to invest in one of the affordable fresh turkey’s from Canal Fulton Provision. These fresh turkeys are perfect for frying or roasting so you can have the perfect flavor for your upcoming family meal. If you’re tired of turkey for every family gathering, fresh duck is a great alternative! By serving duck, you’ll add a touch of elegance to your otherwise traditional meal.

Looking for other great additions for your holiday gathering this season? Whatever your holiday food needs may be, Canal Fulton Provision is there to help. They can even provide you with delicious options for your upcoming office party or group gathering.  One option would be their holiday cheese trays and deli trays. With these trays, you can pick and choose the options you want for an incredibly delicious selection.

Just as you have a great selection of cheeses for your holiday cheese tray from Canal Fulton Provision, you also have a great selection of other fresh products! Canal Fulton Provision in Stark County, Ohio has always supplied the North Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio areas with the freshest meat products available. Before you cook your next family or holiday meal, make sure the food you’re serving is a flavorful and delicious as it should be. For your main dish, consider selecting one of the affordable fresh turkeys, fresh ducks, and other great meat options from Canal Fulton Provision. For more information, visit or call 330.854.3502 today!

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