Find Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Unique Bathroom Vanities at Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio

Kitchens and bathrooms are getting a lot of attention. Once considered simply functional spaces and decorated accordingly, they now mirror designer dreams. Homes from New Franklin, Ohio to Perry Heights, Ohio are being outfitted with custom kitchen cabinets. And condos in Clinton, Ohio and Canal Fulton, Ohio have equally unique bathroom vanities. If you’re looking to get in on the upscale swing, head to Windy Hill Hardwoods for quality cabinetry that functions with flair.

The days when kitchens and bathrooms featured white-on-white color schemes have long passed. First, black squares landed on kitchen floors. Then, pastels migrated into bathrooms. Before long, homeowners’ personalities began popping up in both places. For some that meant an onslaught of apples and roosters in the kitchen while others ushered flowers into the bathroom. In time, many replaced porcelain and plastic replications of nature with natural wood and sleek fixtures.

Consult an interior designer or have a look at recent designs, and you’ll see that the latter trend is lasting. With quality cabinetry as a standard starting point, custom kitchen cabinets and unique bathroom vanities are more popular than even the most populous figurines of eras past. Locally, rich colors are warming spaces in New Franklin and Perry Heights just as soft hues are highlighting homes in Clinton and Canal Fulton. And no matter which end of the color spectrum you gravitate toward, you can find quality cabinetry in your dream shade at Windy Hill Hardwoods.

Designs for kitchens and bathrooms can begin and end at Windy Hill Hardwoods. By that we mean, the local provider of custom kitchen cabinets and unique bathroom vanities has a team that can devise and/or implement your design plan. Each member is able to create a fresh plan based on your description and decisions. And they can also follow completed plans you bring to the showroom. Factor in the expert installation services that Windy Hill Hardwoods offers, and your upscale upgrade will be flawless!

To see the quality cabinetry available at Windy Hill Hardwoods, visit or stop by the showroom today. There are more custom kitchen cabinets and unique bathroom vanities available for viewing in store than online, so consider dropping in. That is, unless you’ve already seen enough kitchens and bathrooms to know what you want in your home near Clinton, Ohio; New Franklin, Ohio; or Perry Heights, Ohio. If so, call 330-837-9710 and ask a member of the design team to come to you. They can measure your spaces, start developing your plans, and discuss installation in a single visit.

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