Find Edible Garden Seeds, Grass Seeds & Planting Supplies at Merit Seed in Millersburg, Ohio

If you’re ready to cultivate vibrant grass or plant a vegetable garden, Merit Seed has your planting supplies! The fully stocked seed store in Millersburg, Ohio is where you can buy grass seeds and vegetable seeds in wide variety. Here, you can find the type of grass you want to adorn your home in Wooster, Ohio or your fields in Dover, Ohio. And you can just as easily pick up seeds for the specific vegetables you’re looking to grow in or near Dundee, Ohio.

It goes without saying that Merit Seed is a one-stop shop for local planters. In fact, both residential and commercial customers can buy grass seeds to meet their needs along with planting supplies like spreaders and sprayers. Per the selection of grass seeds and supplies available in store and online, private lawns and large fields can be filled with gorgeous grass!

Merit Seed Grass Seeds

Pro Turf Mix Turf Seed

  • blend of cool-season, long-lived, highly palatable, perennial grass
  • has a smooth, soft, green to dark green appearance

Cave-in-Rock Switchgrass

  • long-lived perennial, warm season grass
  • adapted to a wide range of soils and climates
  • can grow to six-feet tall with little fertilizer, lime, or water

Big Blue Stem

  • warm season perennial grass that grows to seven feet tall
  • likes full sun, has a high drought tolerance, and can be used for erosion control
  • birds consume its seeds birds whereas white-tailed deer graze on its vegetative parts

Little Blue Stem

  • warm season perennial grass, grows to three feet tall, provides food and cover for wildlife
  • tufted at the base with a dense root system and long-lived stands with purplish seed heads
  • good for upland meadows and is widely used for erosion control on droughty sites


  • decorative warm season grass that grows to six feet tall with 24-inch minimum root depth
  • unique yellowish brown, plume-like panicle makes it distinguishable in mixed plantings
  • tolerant of an extremely wide range of soil and pH conditions

Turn your attention to vegetable seeds, and Merit Seed can meet your needs once more. Anyone looking to plant a vegetable garden should start at the seed store in Millersburg. Why? Well, have a look at the selection of seeds and surely you’ll find your answer amidst the myriad of seeds you can plant is Wooster, Dover, or Dundee!

Merit Seed Edible Garden Seed
















Sweet Corn






Ornamental Corn

Now that you know a good bit about what’s available at Merit Seed, start shopping online at or head to the seed store today! And feel free to call 330.893.3196 with questions. You’re sure to find your planting supplies at the seed store that seems to have everything! So don’t be surprised if you set out to buy grass seeds or plant a vegetable garden and decide to do more. You’ll have to visit the website or the store to find out what we mean by more. But for now, just know that whatever you wish to grow in Wooster, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; or Dundee, Ohio can start at Merit Seed!

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