Find Garden Fertilizer and Gardening Seeds for Your Canton Residence at Merit Seed!

During the summer months, there are many ways for you to enhance the overall appearance of your Canton, Ohio or Mount Eaton, Ohio landscape. However, creating the perfect landscape on your property wouldn’t be possible without having a beautiful green lawn to begin with. At Merit Seed, you can find a variety of quality lawn seeds to improve your lawn and give it that healthy green appearance you love. Alongside these quality grass seeds, Merit Seed can also help you create the perfect garden on your Coshocton, Ohio or Canal Fulton, Ohio property with their selection of garden fertilizers and gardening seeds. With the right fertilizer, you can develop the vegetable seeds of your choice into healthy vegetable plants that produce healthy foods for your family to enjoy.

For years, Merit Seed has been providing individuals from Coshocton to Canal Fulton with all of their seed and gardening needs. Some of the most popular seed products available this season are lawn seeds. As every lawn is different, Merit Seed is happy to offer a variety of quality grass seed blends that will be sure to enhance the appearance of your Mount Eaton residence—wherever it’s located! Some of these blends include:

  • Pro Turf Mix Turf Seed
  • Landscapers Mix Turf Seed
  • Stadium Mix Turf Seed
  • Shady Lawn Mix Turf Seed
  • Contractors Mix Turf Seed

Because each of these blends has different specifications as to where they can be planted, be sure to speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members of Merit Seed. With their help, you’ll learn more about each of these great products and discover which one is right for your Canton property’s grass seed needs this summer. Don’t forget, Merit Seed also carries a selection of Earthway spreaders and sprayers to help make distributing grass seed across your property even easier.

Before you plant your grass seed, consider investing in garden fertilizer to improve its growth. By working this fertilizer into the soil as part of your preparation for planting, you can provide your seeds with better nutrition to help them grow at their best. If you plan on creating a new garden with a few of your favorite vegetable seeds, having the proper fertilizer is essential as well. By providing your gardening seeds with the extra nutrition they need, you’ll help ensure you have a healthy and productive garden.

Best of all, investing in your own gardening seeds and growing them on your Canal Fulton, Ohio property is a great way to ensure you have a healthy supply of the vegetables you love. Even if you’re not interested in investing in vegetable seeds, Merit Seed also carries lawn seeds, agricultural seeds, food plot seeds, and many other great seed products! If you’re looking for a specific seed for your Mount Eaton, Ohio or Canton, Ohio proeprty, speak with one of the staff members of Merit Seed. With years of experience, they’ll be able to help you find the right seeds, garden fertilizer, and tools to grow quality seeds into healthy plants. For more information on the products available at Merit Seed for your Coshocton, Ohio residence, visit or call 330.893.2338 today!

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