Find Handheld, Backpack & Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers at Paul’s Lawn & Garden in Massillon, Ohio

Professional landscapers and DIY homeowners have something in common. They know the importance of good blower – especially during fall. Mention the season, and most people in Dover, Ohio like others in Orrville, Ohio and Strasburg, Ohio think of the colorful leaves that confirm its arrival. Anyone responsible for clearing fallen leaves, on the other hand, thinks of buying a new blower. And Paul’s Lawn & Garden in Massillon, Ohio is where they go. With Echo and Husqvarna handheld blowers and backpack blowers available with Little Wonder walk-behind leaf blowers, the outdoor power equipment store is a one-stop shop.

One might think that the number of trees on a property determines the type of blower needed to keep the land clear. But anyone experienced in leaf clean-up in Northeast Ohio knows better. That’s because the breezes that push people to take longer walks and spend more time outside in fall multi-task. By that we mean, just as they lift your hair they also lift leaves. Laypersons often enjoy watching colorful leaves flutter about while landscapers are more focused on the unpredictable landings.

For a homeowner in Dover, that can make handheld blowers and backpack blowers equally desirable. For landscaping companies caring for grounds in Orrville, Strasburg, and beyond, it makes Little Wonder walk-behind leaf blowers necessities. For the busier bunch, it can also confirm that handheld blowers and backpack blowers are must-have accessories.

Whether you know which line of thought you follow or you’re trying to figure out which best suits you, Paul’s Lawn & Garden is your ideal destination. The team at the outdoor power equipment store in Massillon knows its products well. Discuss your leaf clean-up duties with them, and they can help you select the best blower for you. The outdoor power equipment experts will also bring factors you may not have considered to your attention. For example, they may inquire about your health or the ages and experience levels of your landscaping company employees.

Reason being, a homeowner may be inclined to shop among the store’s handheld blowers and backpack blowers simply because they intend to only maintain their personal property. And this is a logical approach. But should a homeowner have back or respiratory problems, one of the Little Wonder walk-behind leaf blowers may be best. These stars in the outdoor power equipment industry put less stress on the joints than handheld blowers and backpack blowers. They can also get the job done faster and limit their users’ time outside, thereby reducing the amount of allergens they inhale.

Turn your attention to a young or otherwise inexperienced professional landscaping crew, and Little Wonder walk-behind leaf blowers may again be best. In this instance, however, it would be because of the increased level of control they provide. And if you’ve ever seen a teenager or novice landscaper making clouds of leaves rather than piles, you likely get the point.

To get the level of expert service available at Paul’s Lawn & Garden, stop by the store today. If you’d rather start shopping for handheld blowers, backpack blowers, or Little Wonder walk-behind leaf blowers online, visit Feel free to call 330.837.3189 with questions. The team at the local outdoor power equipment store will help you make the best purchase for your budget and purposes. Be that maintaining your own property or multiple properties from Dover, Ohio to Orrville, Ohio and throughout Strasburg, Ohio.

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