Find Natural Allergy Remedies & Sinus Relief Products at Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva, Ohio

Full trees, bright colors, and luxurious lawns are all telltale signs of spring. And so are itchy, watery eyes, hives, and both stuffed and runny noses. While we all love to see the sunny signs of spring, allergy sufferers could well do without the seasonal allergies that tag along. Some turn to pharmaceuticals while others opt for natural allergy remedies and sinus relief products from Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva, Ohio. But don’t worry. If you’re not in Canton, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; or another nearby city, you can have these products that help with seasonal allergies shipped to you.

Liquids and capsules consisting of all natural ingredients are available. And we’re going to tell you a bit about the four most popular natural allergy remedies and sinus relief products. We’ll also give you the number to the store and the link to its website. That way, if you have questions or want to explore all of the natural products that help with seasonal allergies and more, you’ll have all of the resources you need to get the relief you want!

Natural Allergy Remedies & Sinus Relief Products at Natural Approach Farm Store

Allergy Formula Syrup

  • Has strong anti-inflammatory actions & a calming effect on the immune system
  • One of the most popular formulas for treating allergy/immune disorders, colds, sinusitis & hives
  • Pharmacological & clinical research shows this formula can inhibit type I, III & IV allergic reactions
  • Contains Astragalus root, Marshmallow root, Nettle leaf & Peppermint

Sinus Allergy Formula

  • Used for symptomatic relief of sinus and allergy concerns & effects can be felt immediately
  • Known to relieve sinus congestion & draining associated with allergies
  • Effective immune booster that fights bacterial & viral infections
  • Contains Horseradish root, Brigham Tea, Immature Bitter Orange, Goldenseal root, Lobelia herb/seed pod, Nettle leaf, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Eyebright herb, Yarrow flower, Kola Nut, Habanero Cayenne pepper, Peppermint Essential Oil

ALJ Bronchial & Respiratory Support Capsules

  • Herbal formula designed to help relive respiratory congestion & symptoms commonly associated with the common cold, influenza (flu), bronchitis & allergies
  • Known to relive respiratory congestion, lower fever, stimulate immune system function & reduce inflammation of respiratory tract issues
  • Contains Boneset, Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Horseradish root, Mullein leaves

Sinus Support EF Capsules

  • Ephedrine-free herbal decongestant & expectorant designed to help soothe nasal & sinus inflammation & fight respiratory infection
  • Combines herbs that clear nasal congestion, expel excess mucus, shrink swollen tissues, lower fever, & relax muscle spasms to control coughing
  • Contains Capsicum, Burdock, Golden Seal, Parsley, Horehound, Althea, Bitter Orange, Yerba Santa

We should also point out that some say taking Allergy Syrup Formula two to three weeks before allergy season can greatly lessen or eliminate symptoms. And the highly effective Sinus Support EF Capsules deliver welcomed relief without causing drowsiness like most over-the-counter medications. These benefits tend to prompt allergy sufferers in places near Canton and Alliance to head to Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva.

If you’re not in driving distance, you can just as easily explore the store online at And if you need help selecting the best natural allergy remedies and sinus relief products for your symptoms, call the friendly and informed staff at 330.868.5353. They can answer your questions and provide useful input. With convenient shipping, distant shoppers and locals from Canton, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio all receive excellent service when they look to Natural Approach Farm Store for help with seasonal allergies. Final note: if you don’t see something you want on the website, just call the store and ask for it!

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