Find Natural Products for Holiday Stress & Anxiety at Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva, Ohio

The holiday season and holiday stress seem to go hand-in-hand. For some, seasonal stress manifests in frantic and panicky feelings. Others find themselves feeling overwhelmed, wrapped in worry, or frozen in place. Fortunately, rushing or dragging through a period that’s supposed to be peaceful is not the only option. At least not for people in and around Malvern, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; and Canton, Ohio who know about Natural Approach Farm Store. Located in Minerva, Ohio and filled with natural products that can help relieve holiday stress, the store can be your key to stress and anxiety relief.

An influx of in-laws, tightly stretched budgets, and underlying emotional issues are among the reasons why people suffer from holiday stress and anxiety. Each year, far too many muddle their way through the season that’s meant to be merry. And the desire for stress and anxiety relief pushes some to turn to less than healthy ways to turn off unpleasant feelings. Such methods tend to make matters worse, so we’re encouraging you to consider natural products that can help make things better.

Amidst the variety of herbal syrups, herbal ointments, botanical remedies, and natural treatments using herbs at Natural Approach Farm Store are targeted, natural products relevant to today’s chat. Each contains a unique blend of ancient, traditional, and modern ingredients known to support stress and anxiety relief. And true to the shopkeepers’ forthright nature, the contents of these and all of the other natural products on their shelves are shared freely. So, take a moment to review each and see which you believe will best help you relieve holiday stress.

Stress & Anxiety Tree Essence

Purpose: Relieves frantic, anxious feelings by soothing one who has narrow or tunnel vision, feels stressed, easily upset, unable to act, in doubt of gut feelings, or that things are out of control.

Contents: Butternut, Deodar Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, Himalayan Pine, Monterey Pine, Monkey Puzzle.

Usage: Six drops 2-3 times daily or as much as every 15 minutes, in emergencies. Can be placed under the tongue, rubbed on skin, added to drinking water, or sprayed over the body. Also safe for animals.

JTB Syrup Nerve Calm Formula

Purpose: Uses herbs to relax bodies and relieve muscle spasm, tension, anxiety, and insomnia by serving as both a sedative and an anti-spasmodic to help alleviate the symptoms of an upset nervous system.

Contents: Black Cohosh root, Valerian root, Blue Cohosh root, Wild Yam root, Hops flowers, Passion leaf and flower, Scullcap herb, Lobelia herb/seed pod, Chamomile flower, Wood Betony herb.

Usage: Two dropperfuls three times daily with meals or in juice.

JTB Stress Relief Essential Oil

Purpose: Offer healing properties by absorbing into the skin without accumulating in the body.

Contents: Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Vegetable Oil.

Usage: Roll on neck, shoulders, temples, and pulse points for stress relief often stimulated by smell.

Chinese Stress Relief

Purpose: Nourishes the nervous system. Supports circulatory health. May optimize gastric function.

Contents: Concentrated Oyster Shell Extract, Albizzia Bark, Polygonatum Rhizome, Haliotis Shell, Fushen Sclerotium with Root, Acorus Rhizome, Curcuma Root Tuber, Ginseng Root, Jujuba Seed, Polygala Root, Coptis Rhizome, Cinnamon Twig, Ginger Rhizome, Licorice Root.

Usage: Capsule.

If you find the inclusion of oyster shell curious, know that this ingredient is used to relive anxiety in Chinese medicine. Made of calcium carbonate, oyster shell is considered to be calming as is haliotis shell which has similar properties. The herbal combination in Chinese Stress Relief and the other natural products available in Minerva may well improve your holiday season in Malvern, Alliance, or Canton.

To find out more, go to and feel free to call 330.868.5353 with questions. For full exposure to all of the natural products that can help relieve holiday stress, take the short ride from Malvern, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; or Canton, Ohio and visit the store. You will have an uplifting experience highlighted by polite, friendly service from the well informed staff. Tell them how you’re feeling today and about your days ahead. They can help you select the best product for the stress and anxiety relief you seek.

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