Find Natural Treatments & Botanical Remedies Using Herbs at Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva, Ohio

What began as a trend is now a way of life. We’re speaking of the return to simple methods, healthy foods, and natural treatments. Visit a home in Carrollton, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio, and handcrafted furniture may support our contention. Drive through Canton, Ohio on a Saturday afternoon, and bustling farmer’s markets could further prove our point. And should you stop by Natural Approach Farm Store in Minerva, Ohio, a diverse array of herbal syrups, herbal ointments, and botanical remedies using herbs will show you just what we mean.

Manufactured products are being passed over for handmade goods in countless categories. While the reason behind the global switch is less than discernible, the obesity epidemic, a rise in cancers, and known medical disasters caused by mainstream and generic drugs are all likely suspects. Each is surely a contributing factor to the increased consumption of natural treatments using herbs.

An absence of side effects, easy digestion, rapid absorption, and respected results also fill the list of reasons why botanical remedies are receiving preferential treatment. Added with the number of ailments that herbal syrups, herbal ointments, and other natural treatments using herbs address, their widespread usage is further understood.

Colon care, bronchial function, heart health, tissue repair, cough, and oral hygiene are some of what people in Canton, Carrolton, and Louisville can aid with the botanical remedies at Natural Approach Farm Store. Take a look at the lists below for a comprehensive view of all of the beneficial herbal syrups, herbal ointments, and natural treatments available in Minerva.

Natural Approach Farm Store Herbal Syrups

• Adrenal Support • Flu & Virus Formula • Nerve Repair Formula
• Anti-Parasite • Headache Formula • Pain Relief
• Blood Detox • Heart Formula • Pancreas Support
• Brain Circulation • Immune Boost • Prostate Plus
• Cardio Plus • Joint Relief Tonic • Sinus Allergy
• Colon Cleanse • Kidney/Bladder • Sweet Dreams Formula
• Complete Tissue Repair • Lung Plus • Thyroid Formula
• Digestive Aid • Liver/Gallbladder • Vascular Support
• Female Balance • Nerve Calm Formula • Weight Loss Formula

Natural Approach Farm Store Herbal Ointments & Natural Treatments

• Earth’s Nutrition • Herbal Ear Drops • Herbal Mouth Wash Concentrate
• Bountiful Blend • Herbal Eye Wash • Complete Tissue Repair Ointment & Oil
• Herbal Cough • Herbal Throat Spray • Deep Heat Ointment & Oil

Another treasured aspect of botanical remedies and natural treatments using herbs is their makers’ willingness to tell you what’s in them. And the friendly staff at Natural Approach Farm Store shares this sentiment. So, if you’re curious about the components of their herbal syrups and herbal ointments, call 330.868.5353 to find out. You can also visit their website at or take the short ride from Canton, Ohio; Carrollton, Ohio; or Louisville, Ohio for personal attention and expert input.

Natural Approach Farm Store
3944 Whitacre Avenue
Minerva, Ohio 44657

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