Find Pet Friendly and Easy to Clean Carpet at Stoller Floors near Wooster, Ohio!

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Although you may not realize it, your home’s flooring plays an intricate role in the overall look of your home. In fact, torn, worn down, and stained flooring can all play negatively impact how the interior of your home is perceived. However, keeping your home’s flooring looking as fresh and beautiful as it once was isn’t always possible—especially when it comes to carpet! With pets, keeping your carpet looking and smelling fresh can be even more difficult. If you’re ready to upgrade your current carpet to a more pet friendly flooring type, pay a visit to Stoller Floors near Wooster, Ohio. Here, you can browse through a variety of name brand carpeting and other flooring products to find the one that best accommodates the interior design of your Akron, Oho or Massillon, Ohio area residence.

Of the carpeting offered at Stoller Floors, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting by Mohawk is one of their most popular types they have available. Why? This easy to clean carpet is designed to resist stains caused by spilled beverages, pet accidents, and more! In fact, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet offers permanent, built-in stain resistance and durability that many other carpet products are unable to offer. For this reason, many homeowners have chosen to invest in this soft carpet for their home in the Canton, Ohio area and beyond!

stoller floors_pet2After all, it’s not always easy to get stains out of your carpeting once they form. With SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet from Stoller Floors near Wooster installed in your home, you can worry less about liquids and other materials staining your carpet over the lifetime of the carpet itself. This is because every style and color of SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting uses Nanoloc spill protection technology to allow for quick and easy clean up. Furthermore, this soft carpet’s stain and soil protection won’t wear or wash off over time. If you have pets or kids, having easy to clean carpet like this can be exceptionally beneficial to your Massillon, Akron, or Canton area household!

Did you know that SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet comes with an All Pet Protection and Warranty? This is the only carpet protection and warranty available that covers all pet accidents all the time! That’s because this name brand carpet is designed to resist stains caused by domestic pet vomit, urine, and feces for the lifetime of the carpet starting the date it is installed in your home. With the 0% moisture absorption this pet friendly flooring offers, musty and dingy odors associated with pet accidents can be reduced or eliminated as well.

Stoller Floors_Soft CarpetIf you think SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet may be a good addition to your Massillon, Ohio area residence this season, pay a visit to Stoller Floors. At this local flooring store –located near Wooster, Ohio—you can browse through the selection of Smart Strand Forever Clean carpet they have in stock to decide which type and color of this soft carpet would best accommodate your home’s overall interior look. While there, be sure to speak to one of Stoller Floor’s knowledgeable staff members as well. With their help, you can learn more about the benefits of investing in this name brand carpet for your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area residence and the All Pet Protection and Warranty it comes with! For more information on Stoller Floors and the pet friendly flooring they offer, visit our Facebook Page. Otherwise, feel free to call 330.683.4763 or visit their physical location to speak with one of their friendly staff members today!

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