Find the Best Hot Dogs and More at Canal Fulton Provision in Canal Fulton, Ohio

Though we may have had a few setbacks in terms of weather, it’s safe to say that we’ll have plenty of warm days to look forward to this summer. In addition to cooling off by the pool in an attempt to beat the heat, there’s nothing that signals the arrival of summer more than breaking out the grill in your North Canton, Ohio or Orrville, Ohio backyard. With that in mind, now is an excellent time to purchase all of the grilling supplies you’ll need for your first barbecue of the season. If the grill is ready to go and you have your utensils in hand, all that’s left is a visit to your nearest butcher shop to pick up the meat products of your choice. Luckily for you, Canal Fulton Provision is conveniently located on Locust Street in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Not only does this locally owned establishment carry fresh hamburger meat and high-quality steaks, but they also have the best and most reasonably priced hot dogs around!

For some people, a trip to the nearest grocery store for meat products will suffice. The problem with taking this approach is that you never know where your meat originally came from, and chances are the cuts you pick up will be severely lacking in quality. If you’re someone who prefers to buy locally sourced ingredients, or you simply don’t relish the thought of having to smother your meat products in sauce just to cover up the bland taste, it’s in your best interest to visit Canal Fulton Provision instead. When it comes to grilling supplies, you’re unlikely to find another establishment near your North Canton or Orrville home that can deliver what Canal Fulton Provision can.

For starters, this Canal Fulton-based shop provides customers with fresh, never frozen meat from packing companies located within the state. Since they select only prime cuts for their storefront, visitors to Canal Fulton Provision are always pleased with the taste and texture of their meat after it’s spent some time on the hot grill. Plus, this nearby butcher shop has a wide variety of products available, so customers are guaranteed to find exactly what they want. Whether you’re on the hunt for quality steaks, fresh hamburger meat, or the best hot dogs for the best price, you can be sure your barbecue will be complete after a visit to Canal Fulton Provision.

If you’d like to learn more about the meat products offered by Canal Fulton Provision, visit their website at If you have any questions about their selection, feel free to give them a call at 330.854.3502. Just make sure to take the short trip from your North Canton, Ohio or Orrville, Ohio home to their storefront so you can browse their inventory of quality steaks and fresh hamburger meat, as well as the best hot dogs in the area! Rest assured their friendly staff will help you get all of the grilling supplies you need for your first barbecue of the summer.

Canal Fulton Provision
2014 Locust St
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
Ph: 330.854.3502 / 1.800.321.3502

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