Find the Cold-Tolerant Seed You Need for Frost Seeding at Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio!

Although it may not quite seem like it, February is the perfect time to start preparing your garden and food plots for spring. How? Although many seeds are unable to survive the cold weather, there are several cold-tolerant seeds available to help you get a jump start on your spring planting. Do you know which seeds you need? If you’re looking to invest in affordable forage seed for your Millersburg, Ohio property’s food plots this season, look no further than Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio! Not only do they carry the forage seed for frost seeding, but quality pasture seeds such as alfalfa and clover to help get your Wooster, Ohio pastures looking lush again!

Although February is the perfect time to start frost seeding projects across your property, not many individuals know what frost seeding is. Frost seeding is the process of applying seed to frozen or slightly snow covered ground. From here, the thawing and freezing of the ground will eventually cause the seed to work it’s way into the soil. When the soil temperature warms up, the seed will then begin to germinate. However, there are only certain types of seed that can be planted during this time frame. Luckily, Merit Seed in Berlin offers an assortment of great affordable forage seeds for the local wildlife in your area:

  • 12 Point Buck – Perennial
  • Frontage Blend – Perennial
  • Platinum Ultra – Perennial


These blends are ideal for frost seeding, giving you a head start on adding cover to your food plot. If you’re a farmer in the Wooster or Millersburg area, forage seed may not be what you’re searching for. For those interested in enhancing the pastures on their property this coming spring, know that Merit Seed has an assortment of quality pasture seeds available to help you get started. For frost seeding, alfalfa and clover seeds are your best bet. These seeds will not only improve the ground cover of your pastures, but provide a delicious food source when the temperatures begin to rise. With such a wide selection of quality seeds available at this great location, you’ll be sure to find all the cold-tolerant seeds you need to get your project started!

Do you have questions regarding frost seeding? If you’ve never tried frost seeding before or would like to learn more about it, know that the knowledgeable sales associates of Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio will be more than happy to help. Not only can they offer you frost seeding tips, but help you find the cold-tolerant seeds you need for your Millersburg, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio property. With the affordable forage seeds and quality pasture seeds available at Merit Seed, you’ll be sure to find the ones that best fit all of your food plot or pasture needs. For additional information on these seed products and more, visit or call.330.893.2338 today!

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