Find the Outdoor Infrared Heaters You Need at Paul’s Lawn & Garden in Massillon, Ohio!

With winter just around the corner, finishing those outdoor projects can become difficult. However, if you’re a contractor working in the cold of Akron, Ohio this season, consider investing in an efficient industrial space heater. At Paul’s Lawn & Garden, you can find a wide range of products to complete your latest project. One of these products is the VAL 6 infrared heater. This outdoor infrared heater is designed to heat your work space the same way the sun heats the earth. Instead of heating the air, this heater will heat objects the way the sun does, giving you the heat you need to work efficiently throughout the winter months at your Wooster, Ohio location. If you need an infrared space heater to accommodate your commercial needs in Massillon, Ohio this season, be sure to visit Paul’s Lawn & Garden to see the VAL 6 in action for yourself.

When it comes to heaters, there’s nothing quite like an infrared space heater from Paul’s Lawn & Garden. One of the most efficient industrial space heater’s available on the market is the VAL 6. The VAL 6 gives you the opportunity to own a little of the sun’s power. How? This outdoor infrared heater is designed to use infrared heat rather than heated air to keep the area you’re working warm, regardless of what temperature it truly is outside. If you’re a contractor or business owner, you understand the importance of having a warm area to work in during the winter season.

Do you do a lot of your projects in a workshop or a commercial garage in the Akron, Wooster, or Massillon area? If so, you’ll love the warm air that this quality heater will provide you during the cold months.  Not only will it keep you warm, but it is one of the most fuel efficient space heaters available on the market today. The VAL 6 can start up or shut off in seconds and reaches peak efficiency in less than a minute! Since the VAL 6 doesn’t lose heat to the air, it uses less fuel and BTU’s than other portable heaters. What this means for you is that you can start your tasks sooner at a lower overall cost to you!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get started on your commercial projects in the Wooster, Ohio area more quickly with a reliable infrared space heater? With the VAL 6, you’ll save on energy costs and get the heat you need to comfortably keep working all year long. This is especially beneficial if you work in the Akron, Ohio area where snow is bound to fall during the winter months. Best of all, this efficient industrial space heater is very versatile! The VAL 6 can be used to

  • Dry a surface
  • Heat up materials, machines, and working sites during the winter
  • Warm up machines and personnel
  • Heat large warehouses
  • Personal workplace heating

With so many great options, there’s no better time than now to pick up one of these outdoor infrared heaters from Paul’s Lawn & Garden. For more information on this Massillon, Ohio location and its products, visit or call 330.837.3189 today!

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