Find Tights, Shoozies, Clear Garment Bags & More at The Dance-Wear House in Stark County, Ohio

Competition season is underway with recitals and musicals up next! It’s a busy time of year for dancers, singers, musicians, and stage performers alike. Granted their ranges of motion and music differ. Presentation is paramount be they taking the stage in Summit County, Ohio or planning to wow crowds in Portage County, Ohio. That makes The Dance-Wear House in Stark County, Ohio a top destination. From performance tights to shoes and shoozies – this dance store has it all. You can even find clear garment bags and join its loyalty club to earn free stuff!

The best way to describe The Dance-Wear House is to call it a one-stop shop for performers. While it does provide every item that dancers and leaders of dance schools need. Don’t let that aspect of this store’s offerings fool you. By that we mean, gymnasts, twirlers, cheerleaders, and show choir members can all find an impressive selection of practice wear, performance attire, and accessories in store. This includes the number one item they all have in common – performance tights.

With a seemingly unlimited selection of colors and sizes, The Dance-Wear House is the place to go for performance tights. Toddlers, teens, males, and females are all covered by this selection. All can expect to find the shoes they need and the shoozies to protect them as well. In case shoozies have somehow slipped by you, know that they are slip-on protectors that keep shoes soles and taps intact. And The Dance-Wear House in Stark County has them in wide variety!

This store that’s known for providing more also has clear garment bags in stock. Extremely popular among performers who don uniforms or costumes, the bags have a space for attire and zippered pockets for everything else. They also come with a wooden hanger ideal for all types of outfits. Anyone familiar with backstage madness or accustomed to traveling from Portage County or Summit County to perform on the road surely sees the value of clear garment bags. And once you see the selection at The Dance-Wear House, you’ll see the benefit of shopping at this convenient and affordable one-stop shop!

You can go to to start exploring the selection and learn about the store’s loyalty club. Club membership is only $2.50, and your purchases will add up to gift cards you can use to get performance tights, shoes, shoozies, clear garment bags, or anything else in the store! With a vast inventory and a location that’s convenient whether you live in Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Portage County, Ohio, you’re sure to find more and get more here. For store hours, directions, or questions, call 330.497.9419.

The Dance-Wear House
5390 Fulton Road
Canton, Ohio 44718

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