Finney’s Drugstore Makes Managing Medication Easier

Finney’s Drugstore is more than a pharmacy, it’s a solution center.

For anyone who has ever taken a prescription, you know that every medication comes with very specific instructions regarding how and when it should be taken. If you’ve had the same medication more than once, but perhaps filled it at a different pharmacy, you know that it may not look the same as it did before due to the use of different manufacturers.

Now, what if you have multiple medications that you need to take over an extended period of time? How does one keep track of everything? Add dietary supplements and over the counter medicines, and it is easy to see how quickly it can become confusing, and how easy it would be to take the wrong medication at the wrong time.

The creative solution offered by Finney’s Drugstore is a program called Doc-U-Dose. This program is designed to allow individuals to easily track the correct time and dosage of each medication they take, and take away the anxiety that comes with juggling their prescriptions.

How it works: The program provides customers with a four-week supply of medication, delivered to their home, in special color-coded envelopes. There are four envelopes for each day which contain the correct medication dosages, and each envelope color corresponds to the time of day a medication should be taken.

Why is this program needed? Here are a few startling statistics that show the importance of this program:

  • Approximately 25% of nursing home admissions are a result of medication administered incorrectly at home.
  • 60% of patients cannot identify their own medication
  • About 50% of patients do not follow instructions when taking medication
  • Roughly 125,000 Americans with treatable ailments die each year because they do not take their medication correctly

The Doc-U-Dose program can truly be a life-saver.

Participants are enrolled after Finney’s Drugstore has received a referral from a physician, visiting nurse, social worker, PASSPORT case manager, hospital staff member, client, or family member. A registered nurse or pharmacist will meet with each participant at their home to fully explain the program, and ensure that any and all questions are answered.

In addition to Doc-U-Dose, Finney’s Drugstore provides a plethora of other useful services and products including Monday through Saturday home delivery of diabetic supplies, such as pre-filled insulin syringes, wheelchairs, hospital beds and many other items to aid in home health care. You can also expect to find three to seven pharmacists available to you during business hours, as well as an on-staff RN/Certified Diabetic Educator on duty three days a week to offer assistance.

Located in North Canton and incorporated in 1963, Finney’s Drugstore is an accredited Medicare provider which boasts a wide coverage area, providing home delivery services in Stark, Summit, Portage, Wayne, and Medina counties.

If you would like to inquire about Doc-U-Dose enrollment, have questions, or are simply looking for additional information, you can contact Finney’s Drugstore by phone at 330-499-7849 or toll free at 1-800-274-0176. There is also a full page at dedicated to the Doc-U-Dose program.

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