For Affordable Cell Phone Repairs, Visit GetMoe Wireless & More in Akron, Ohio!

In today’s busy world, a cell phone is a necessary item to have on us. We use our cell phones for business, recreation, and in case of emergencies. However, an outdated cell phone or malfunctioning phone components can leave us without the services we need. Whether you’re considering investing in a new phone or just want your current one back in perfect working order, GetMoe Wireless & More can help. Here, you’ll be able to find all things cell phone related—including affordable cell phone repairs! From flashing to unlocking, they can do it all! Do you have an extra phone you just don’t need? GetMoe Wireless & More in Summit County, Ohio is also a second hand cell phone dealer. This means that you can buy, sell, and trade your cell phone at this location! For fun cell phone accessories to add to your Stark County, Ohio cell phone or for services, GetMoe Wireless & More is the place to go.

Are you tired of your wireless carrier but aren’t quite willing to give up your phone? Some of our cell phones can cost well over $600, making it hard for us to part with them if we no longer enjoy the carrier’s services. GetMoe Wireless & More –located in Akron in Summit County—offers cell phone flashing services to help alleviate this problem. Also known as reprogramming, flashing your cell phone allows for the current carrier’s files to be removed and a new carrier’s files to be loaded. Thankfully, GetMoe Wireless & More deals in all carriers for your convenience.  They even have prepaid plans available. For these services and other affordable cell phone repair services, they’re the only place to go.

Did you know they’re also a second hand cell phone dealer? Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone, sell your current one or trade it in, GetMoe Wireless & More can assist. They offer a variety of new and used cell phones for you to choose from to accommodate your day-to-day needs. Of course, they also offer a variety of fun cell phone accessories for you to choose from for your current phone! Cases, charms, and more are all available for you to add to your cellular device. For a reliable mobile phone shop near Stark County, visit GetMoe Wireless & More today!

Customers are raving about GetMoe Wireless &More in Akron, Ohio! GetMoe Wireless & More has been happily offering affordable cell phone repair services to those in Summit County, Ohio and the surrounding areas. After all, not many individuals have a home phone line any more, and rely on their cellular device to keep them in touch with those around them. However, if you find your phone is beyond repair, consider investing in a new one from GetMoe Wireless & More. As a second hand cell phone dealer, they have a wide selection of new and used cell phones for you to choose from at affordable prices. They even have a variety of fun cell phone accessories to go with it! If you’re in need of mobile phone repair services or just need a new phone, GetMoe Wireless & More near Stark County, Ohio has them all. For more information, find them on Facebook or call 330.784.4444 today!

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