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Although many don’t realize it, summer can be the perfect time to plant your forage plot—especially if you’re looking to attract deer this coming hunting season! Although it’s still early to be considering hunting season, it’s always good to plan ahead. Even if you’re not a hunter, you can still support your local white-tail deer and other wildlife with Merit Seed’s quality forage seed. These premium wildlife food plot seed mixes can act as an attractive deer food plot on your Wayne County, Ohio property so you can nature watch or just help your local ecosystem thrive. Whatever reason you may have for creating a forage plot, know that Merit Seed has the affordable wildlife seed blends you need. From their Wilderness Mix to their Beet Max seed blend, you can find the quality blend your Mount Eaton, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio residence needs at Merit Seed!

When it comes to developing a forage plot, you want something that will act as an attractant and keep your local wildlife healthy. Deer, for one, thrive by their stomachs and Mother Nature provides for them throughout the spring and fall. It is assumed that deer eat an average of 6-7 pounds a day, even though an acre of natural deer habitat may only produce 100-200 pounds of deer feed per year with an average of 11% protein. Using these calculations along with the typical acreage size of hunting land, it is very difficult to maintain a vast number of deer without damaging the habitat and presenting a low level of nutrition for your deer herd. If you’re a hunter, then you know that nutrition is key to producing quality white-tails. Nutritional stress reduces lactation in does, dampening fawn growth, body weight, and even antler development in males. By creating an attractive deer food plot on your Dalton or Mount Eaton property, you can continue to promote the healthy growth of your local deer herd for generations to come. Some of these affordable wildlife seed blends include:

  • Wilderness Wildlife Mix – Annual—mix of Everleaf forage oats, grain sorghum, buckwheat, forage peas, forage soybeans, Proso and Pearl Millet.
  • Woodland Trail Mix—Perennial—blend of Ryegrass, Festulolium, Chicory and Clovers.
  • Hidden Spot Wildlife Blends – Perennial – mix consisting of annual rye grass, perennial sweet grasses, red & white clover along with purple top turnips.

Each one of these blends offers your local wildlife the nutrition and relaxing environment they need to graze. Whether you’re a nature lover or an avid hunter in Wayne County, Merit Seed is sure to have the quality forage seed you need to get your food plot started!

Are you ready to improve your Dalton, Ohio or Mount Eaton, Ohio property for your local wildlife’s needs this summer? If so, be sure to visit Merit Seed! Their highly knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you select the quality forage seed you need to make your attractive deer food plot dreams a reality. No other location offers such an extensive selection of affordable wildlife seed blends than Merit Seed! For the best seed at the best prices for your Wayne County, Ohio property this summer, visit or call 330.893.3196 today!

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