For Auto Glass Repairs You Can Rely On, Contact Classic Auto Glass in Canal Fulton!

Winter weather can be extremely rough on our vehicles. Although many individuals believe that their vehicle’s interior components are the only part of their vehicle at risk, the truth is that your auto glass can just as easily be damaged. From stones cracking your windshield to the glass in your power windows coming off track, there are a lot of potential problems that could occur with your auto glass! If you’re from the Wadsworth, Ohio area and find yourself in need of auto glass services, contact Classic Auto Glass. Here, their professional technicians have the experience it takes to properly perform the auto glass repair your vehicle needs. They even offer power window repair services to ensure you keep the warm air inside of your Wooster, Ohio vehicle during your commute. Are you completely missing a window in your Canal Fulton, Ohio vehicle? From small cracks to a complete auto glass replacement services, Classic Auto Glass can do it all!

With temperatures dropping down into the negative numbers with the wind chill, you want to make sure that you’re properly protected during your winter drive. However, unforeseen circumstances can leave your windshield with cracks that allow the cold air to slowly leak in while obscuring your view. One of the most common causes of these cracks is untreated chips spreading into lines across your windshield due to a sudden increase in heat against the cold glass. If your Wadsworth vehicle is suffering from a damaged windshield, contact the professionals at Classic Auto Glass.  At their new location in Canal Fulton, Classic Auto Glass is continuing to offer great prices on their auto glass repairs and additional services. With these repair services, your windshields small chip can be repaired quickly and efficiently. If your windshield or back glass has already begun to crack and cause vision problems, consider investing in one of their auto glass replacement services. With these services, your old damaged glass will be removed and replaced with the clear glass your vehicle needs.

Are you having issues with your Wooster vehicle’s power windows? Although having power windows is often a convenience, it can also become a complication if your side glass becomes damaged or the glass comes off of its track. Luckily, Classic Auto Glass’ knowledgeable technicians have the knowledge it takes to get you the power window repairs your vehicle needs. With years of experience, they’ll have your glass replaced, aligned, and working the way it should during all of your travel needs.

Just because Classic Auto Glass has moved their location to Canal Fulton, Ohio doesn’t mean that they have changed the way they handle your auto glass repairs. From power window repairs to auto glass replacement services, these professionals can do it all. After all, you can’t be driving your Wadsworth, Ohio commute in this weather without having your vehicle’s glass properly installed and repaired. If you’re from the Wooster, Ohio area and find yourself searching for auto glass services you can rely on this winter, make Classic Auto Glass your first stop. For more information, visit or call 330.408.7434 today!

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