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The summer weather in Stark County, Ohio and the surrounding areas can get pretty warm! Unfortunately, our photos and film are susceptible to becoming damaged with prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. If you’ve been keeping your film in the attic, consider moving them to a lower level of the house where the temperature will stay moderate. Don’t have the space to move your images somewhere cooler? If you love taking photos and video of friends and family but have no place to store them, Preserve Your Memories may be able to help! How? This Wayne County, Ohio location offers a variety of film conversion services to condense your photos as well as keep them protected for years to come! Wouldn’t you love to share all those old photos and videos with friends and family years from now? With the help of Preserve Your Memories, you can! Whether you’re looking for home video conversion services or photo restoration services in the Summit County, Ohio area, Preserve Your Memories can do it all!

What are home video conversion services? These film conversion services are used by Preserve Your Memories in Wayne County to convert your video film on to a DVD and CDROM for preservation purposes. By converting your videos onto this form of media, you can conserve space in your home and keep your precious memories safe from heat and moisture that can otherwise damage them! These same methods also apply to your photos. Photos – like other forms of film—are easily damaged by heat and moisture. This can cause discoloration, fading, stains, cracking, curling, mold, and more! Luckily, Preserve Your Memories can help you keep all of your photos and film safe for generations with their conversion services!

However, if you have precious memories that have suffered damages in the Stark County or Summit County areas, contact Preserve Your Memories! Using their state of the art photo restoration services, Preserve Your Memories can restore all your important family heirlooms to their former glory! Wouldn’t a restored image of your parents or grandparents first wedding photos make a great 50th Anniversary gift? With their quality restoration and conversion services, you’ll be able to show off all your favorite images and keep the memories of your friends and family alive for years to come! For all your image needs this summer, contact Preserve Your Memories!

Have you been searching for new ways to store your film – photo and video—in the Summit County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio area? If so, look no further than Preserve Your Memories! Preserve Your Memories – located in Wayne County, Ohio—offers professional home video conversion services to keep your favorite family memories available at your fingertips! How? By digitally converting your home video to DVD and CDROM, you can keep your memories safe from the dangers of media deterioration. Preserve Your Memories offers more than just film conversion services for your videos and photos; they also offer photo restoration services! These services restore your film to their former splendor so you can display them with pride! For more information, visit or call 330.201.6777 today!

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