For Residential Seed Products and More, Visit the Experts at Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio!

When it comes to getting all of the seeds you need for your home or business, there’s only one place to go: Merit Seed. This Berlin, Ohio location offers a large variety of quality residential seed products to add to your Wayne County, Ohio location. From lawn and turf seed to Earthway Spreaders, there’s something for everyone!  Are you a farmer in the Tuscarawas County, Ohio area? If so, then you’ll love the selection of bulk agricultural seed available at Merit Seed. This professional business takes pride in all of their seed products, hand selecting the best seed to give you the perfect seed blends for all of your applications. For the hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, Merit Seed even carries a variety of seed for wildlife. These seeds are used to create nutritional food plots for your local wildlife– such as deer– so you help the next generation become healthy and strong.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something good for the wildlife in your area?  If you’ve considered planting seed for wildlife, know that Merit Seed in Berlin is the place to go. Here, you can find great seed for wildlife food plot such as their Whitetail Classic Blend, Hidden Spot Blend, or their Wilderness Mix. Each one of these amazing blends is designed to sprout nutritional plants that will help the wildlife that eats it stay healthy in this generation and the next. Of course, you want to keep your family healthy as well. One way to do this is to grow your own vegetables! If you’re a farmer, you want to supply healthy crops to your family and for market. Merit Seed offers a variety of bulk agricultural seed – primarily corn seed—that comes from only the best selection of seed available so you have the best crop yield on your Tuscarawas County property.

Looking for residential seed products? If you’ve thought about creating a small vegetable garden on your property, then you’ll love the selection of garden seeds available at Merit Seed. Of course, they also have a variety of lawn and turf seeds to help keep your Wayne County residence or business looking amazing throughout the year. Some of the great seeds they have available include:

  • Pro Turf Mix Turf Seed
  • Landscapers Mix Turf Seed
  • Stadium Mix Turf Seed
  • Shady Lawn Mix Turf Seed
  • And Contractors Mix Turf Seed

Each of these great blends has specific characteristics that set them apart and give you the options you need to decide which best fits your property’s needs.

Although these residential seed products are great for any property in the Tuscarawas County, Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio area, there are many other great products to be found at Merit Seed! From bulk agricultural seed to seed for wildlife, there’s something for everyone! Do you know which seed blends you need? If you’re unsure of which seed mix best suits your properties needs, visit the experts at Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio! For more information, visit or call 330.893.2338 today!

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