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hollingerlogoThunderstorms are common in the Stark County, Ohio area and rarely bring with them a great deal of damage. However, unexpectedly strong storms can cause dying trees, damaged tree limbs, and other tree materials to scatter across your yard. In severe cases, dead trees and tree limbs can cause additional storm debris by crashing into buildings across your property and more! Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners don’t have the time, personnel, or tools to properly clear storm debris and downed trees from their property when this happens.

Instead of trying to remove heavy storm debris from your residential or commercial property this season, contact the professionals of Hollinger Tree Service near East Sparta, Ohio. With their help, you can have your property cleared of fallen tree limbs and other storm debris that high winds and heavy rains may have brought down onto your Canal Fulton, Ohio property.  In fact, Hollinger Tree Service offers tree removal services as part of their storm debris clearing process. This way, these tree care specialists can ensure that your property is properly cleared of all unwanted storm debris—especially fallen trees! Of course, some potentially hazardous trees can be removed from your property through tree clearing services from Hollinger Tree Service before the next severe storm can bring them down. In this way, these professional tree services can help better protect your property from tree debris in the future.

hollinger tree_assocAlthough you could put off investing in tree clearing services for your Stark County property, the truth is that clearing away hazardous trees could greatly benefit your home or business. This is because clearing away trees that have died, become ill, or have damaged limbs could reduce the chances of your property becoming damaged during a strong storm. How? Over time, trees that have been damaged in a prior storm or have other complications can become weak and brittle. The weaker the tree, the more likely it is to fall or lose limbs during a strong storm. In order to reduce the chances of a tree damages to buildings, landscapes, and pathways on your Canal Fulton property, contact the professionals of Hollinger Tree Services near East Sparta. With their help, you can get the professional tree services needed to reduce the chances of these tree damages occurring.  Of these professional services, trimming trees that have become too large for the property they are on and damaged tree removal is by far some of the most popular. In fact, Hollinger Tree Services encourages many property owners to have any hazardous trees removed from their Medina area property before they’re required to be removed through storm debris clearing services.

Has a tree fallen across your Stark County, Ohio property this season? If you were unable to invest in tree clearing services for your Canal Fulton, Ohio area property until a tree on your property fell, make Hollinger Tree Service your first call! As part of the storm debris clearing services they offer, these tree care specialists near East Sparta, Ohio can provide damaged tree removal on any trees – fallen or otherwise – on your property. This way, you don’t have to try and eliminate large and heavy tree debris from your Medina, Ohio property without the proper vehicles, equipment, and man power. Would you like to learn more about these and other professional tree services from Hollinger Tree Service? For more information –or to schedule a free estimate —call 330.268.2989 to speak to a knowledgeable staff member today!

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