Get a Tune-Up at Fix It Shop in Wilmot, Ohio & Get the Benefits of Professional Preventative Maintenance

We’ve all heard that timely vehicle tune-ups are important. Many of us, however, wonder why. When our cars and trucks are operating, why get a tune-up? Experienced drivers from Brewster, Ohio to Winesburg, Ohio would likely pronounce that this form of preventative vehicle maintenance allows for optimal vehicle operation. And the auto pros at Fix It Shop in Wilmot, Ohio would surely agree. But for those who need more details, this breakdown of the benefits of a tune-up could finally answer the question in full.

What Is A Tune-Up, Exactly?

No matter what you drive, there are many moving parts involved. Over time, these parts can shift, slip out of sync, or stop working. There are also stationery features like hoses and air filters that play key roles as well. And your vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel economy depends on all of these parts working properly per the manufacturer’s plan. A tune-up is an assessment of your vehicle’s functionality that’s designed to identify weak links, needed adjustments, and parts best replaced.

Why Get A Tune-Up?

Pass on this preventative vehicle maintenance, and your opportunity for minor adjustments could be replaced by costly repairs. You could also spend far more on fuel and fail an emissions test whether you’re in Brewster, Winesburg, Wilmot or any other city, for that matter. Because engine components like belts and those hoses we mentioned are rather inexpensive when replaced during preventative maintenance appointments. That is, when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing an engine that’s severely damaged when they break. Out of sync engine timing, clogged fuel injectors, and busted spark plugs, on the other hand, contribute to poor fuel economy and excessive auto emissions.

What Are The Real Benefits Of A Tune-Up?

Smooth sailing, improved fuel economy, and prolonged engine life are what you can expect when you get a tune-up as needed for your vehicle. A quick flip through your owner’s manual can reveal your vehicle’s time table. Owners of older cars and trucks should plan to get a tune-up every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Those with newer vehicles equipped with electronic ignitions and electronic fuel injection should expect to get a tune-up every 30,000 to 100,000. We realize that’s a fairly wide spread. The auto pros at Fix It Shop can confirm where your vehicle fits in.

To get a tune-up and reap the benefits of preventative vehicle maintenance performed by experts, stop by Fix It Shop today. If you have questions or prefer an appointment, call the shop at 330.201.7800. It’s conveniently located near Brewster, Ohio; Winesburg, Ohio; and surrounding areas in Stark and Holmes counties. And its friendly staff can make sure you know these and other benefits of a tune-up for your specific vehicle. Add in affordable prices and the question becomes – why get a tune-up anyplace else?!

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