Get All of Your Grilling Meats for Summer Cookouts at Canal Fulton Provision in Canal Fulton, Ohio

With all of the rain that North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio, and other parts of Northeast Ohio have seen recently, it’s probably safe to assume that there are a lot of grill enthusiasts who cannot wait to break out their grills on summer weekends. Of course, whether you are having a small cookout for your family, or hosting a larger party for you’re a friend, having the right grilling meats is really important. For all of your summer party food needs, you need to visit Canal Fulton Provision in Canal Fulton, Ohio. This local meat market has everything you could want, from succulent steaks and pork chops, to spare ribs, baby back ribs, and St. Louis Ribs.

Because Canal Fulton Provision has been doing business from Canal Fulton since 1969, they know a lot about what it takes to supply quality meat to customers. All of their meats are exceptionally cut, treated, and packaged to ensure that every customer receives a high quality product. This local meat market offers competitive pricing, as well as some really fine customer service. Plus, you can call ahead – whether you’re looking from some hearty rib eye steaks for a backyard cookout in North Canton, or you’d like to order some lean pork chops to grill for your Massillon family, call ahead with your order, and they’ll have your grilling meats ready for your when you arrive.

Now, for those looking for summer party food that will delight their party guests, ribs frequently seem to be a favorite for summertime grilling. Canal Fulton Provision offers a variety of types of ribs, including spare ribs, baby back ribs, and St. Louis ribs. Don’t know the difference between different types of grilling ribs? Well, upon visiting the store, one of the friendly and knowledgeable associates of Canal Fulton Provision can tell you what makes one different from the other. Depending on what you are planning to serve, you may decide you need one type over another.

Of course, Canal Fulton Provision has more items to choose from than ribs, steaks, and pork chops, but a short trip over from Massillon, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio is well worth it in order to see all of the quality grilling meats that they have. Prior to visiting, you can visit their website at in order to read more about the meat products that they routinely carry, and to see what kinds of weekly specials and variety box specials that they are currently featuring. If you’ve already got an idea as to what kind of meat you’d like to order to complete your summer party food menu, you can visit them in person to order your spare ribs, or order your baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs over the phone by calling 330.854.3502  or 1.800.321.3502.

Canal Fulton Provision
2014 Locust St
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
Ph: 330.854.3502 / 1.800.321.3502

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