Get All of Your Hunting Tools Together with Help from Stark County, Ohio’s Own Kames Sports

kames_logo1Hunting season is upon us, which means it’s time to get all of your equipment together before you head out to your favorite spot. If your camouflage jacket is in good condition and your lucky bow has been tuned, you may think you’re just about ready to go. However, there are a few hunting tools that will prove valuable when you’re out in a wooded area outside of Canton, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio. For instance, having a high-quality hunting knife and LED flashlight can make all the difference when it comes to field dressing in the dark. Fortunately, such hunting accessories can be picked up at Kames Sports for a reasonable price. By stopping over at this Stark County, Ohio outdoor sporting goods store now, you can purchase every item on your checklist (and even some that aren’t) so you’re ready to hunt as soon as the opening day arrives.

Kames Sports_Knives (1)If you don’t already have a dependable hunting knife, now is definitely the time to invest in one. Kames Sports has a wide variety of hunting knives available from such names as Buck Knives, Case, Gerber, Kershaw, and KA-BAR, so you can trust that any knife you purchase will last from this hunting season to the next. The staff members from this outdoor sporting goods store can even help you select the perfect knife for your particular needs. Whether you’re looking for a hunting tool specifically for deer and turkey season, or a durable knife that can be used for all of your outdoor needs, rest assured you’ll find it within Kames’ extensive inventory.

Kames Sports_Ghillie SuitSince hunting hours in Ohio are restricted to half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset, you probably won’t be spending too much time in the dark this season. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an LED flashlight on hand. These strong lights can help you find your way back to your group’s meeting spot once the sun has set. Plus, they’re especially convenient when you have to field dress your game with very little sunlight remaining. Kames Sports carries regular and LED flashlights from trusted brands like Browning, Fenix, Nebo Tools, and Streamlight. By taking the short trip from your Canton or Navarre home to this Stark County establishment, you can peruse their inventory of hunting accessories to find the right flashlight for your budget.

Kames Sports_FlashlightsEven if you’re not looking for an LED flashlight or hunting knife, it’s still worth the short trip over to this outdoor sporting goods store. Kames Sports has a huge selection of hunting tools available, some of which you may not even have on your list! With scents, tree stands, calls, bow sights, and more, this Stark County, Ohio establishment has virtually every hunting accessory you could possibly need. So, why not drive over from your Canton, Ohio or Navarre, Ohio home so you can be sure you’re ready when hunting season officially begins?

Kames Sports
8516 Cleveland Ave N
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.499.4558

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