Get the Fishing Tackle You Need at Kames Sports before Heading out to Your Favorite Barberton, Ohio Spot

For those around Barberton, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; and beyond, bass and walleye fishing are popular sports in the springtime. If you plan to head out to the lake to do some casting yourself this season, you may want to make a quick stop at Kames Sports to check out their selection of fishing equipment. Whether you need a new fishing lure, reel, line, or any other type of fishing tackle, you’re sure to find it within Kames Sports’ extensive inventory. Best of all, you can get expert advice on Berkley, Strike King, and Rapala fishing gear from Kames’ knowledgeable staff!

Though Kames Sports has an impressive selection of fishing equipment within their facility, it’s their team of associates that really makes this local establishment stand out amongst competitors. If you’ll be heading out to do some bass or walleye fishing soon, you won’t find anyone more qualified to help you select the right fishing reel, line, and lure than one of Kames’ associates. In fact, to make things easier for those who are eager to get out on the lake, their staff has provided a few fishing tackle suggestions…

For bass fishing in the early spring, you can’t go wrong with Rapala fishing gear. With its long, slow wobble, the Countdown is a great choice. However, it’s important to fish it slowly as the bass aren’t going to burn much energy chasing it this early in the season. Some other good options are Storm ThunderSticks (both original and jointed styles), as well as Hot ‘N Tots, which will also entice a bass into striking when fished slowly. Another brand that comes highly recommended by Kames’ staff for early spring bass fishing is Strike King fishing gear, particularly the KVDs.

After the spring spawn, walleye will be putting on the feed bag. Some good choices for walleye fishing include Berkley fishing gear (the Flicker Shad and Power Bait), Northland Jig Heads with a 3” grub, Mister Twister, Venom Lures, Kalin’s, and Mr. Crappie Tails from Strike King.

Before hitting the water at your favorite Barberton, Wooster, or Louisville spot, putting new line on your reels is crucial. In terms of monofilament fishing line, Kames Sports’ staff recommends Berkley Trilene XL for spinning reels and Berkley Trilene XT for baitcasting reels. If you prefer fluorocarbon fishing line, it’s hard to beat Seaguar AbrazX and their other fine lines, such as Red Label, Senshi, and InvizX. However, Sufix also makes a great fluorocarbon line. Finally, recommended braided lines include Spectra PowerPro, Berkley Fireline, and all of the Spiderwire styles.

With all of these fishing tackle recommendations from Kames’ staff, it should be easy to shop for a new fishing lure, reel, and line. Before driving out to your favorite Barberton, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; or Louisville, Ohio fishing spot, make sure to pay Kames Sports a visit so you can pick up some high-quality fishing equipment. That way if you have any questions about Berkley, Strike King, or Rapala fishing gear, you can just ask the bass and walleye fishing experts within their fishing department!

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