Get Vacation Ready with Spa Treatments from Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio in Akron, Ohio

If you’ve been saving up your vacation time for the summer, you’re undoubtedly eager to get out of town and enjoy a much-deserved break. However, before you leave your North Canton, Ohio or Hartville, Ohio home for exotic locales, you may want to take a trip to the beauty salon first. If there’s one thing that’s sure to put you in the vacation mindset, it’s a spa treatment. And it just so happens that there’s a great team of salon stylists located at a salon near you! Specializing in hair and nail care, Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio in Akron, Ohio can make sure you’re polished, primped, and ready to go on your trip this season.

Some people opt to visit the beauty salon when they touch down in their vacation destination; however, these establishments often charge astronomical fees for hair and nail care. Since there are a number of things you’ll want to do on your vacation—take a tour, go for a boat ride, eat at the area’s premier restaurants—isn’t it better to save your money by simply visiting a salon stylist beforehand? Residents throughout Hartville and North Canton seem to think so…

As one of the top beauty salons in the area, Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio is frequently visited by patrons about to embark on a cruise, head to the beach, or travel to some other distant spot. Wanting to look their absolute best before stepping off the plane, they make an appointment with one of the talented salon stylists at this Akron establishment. Though other salons near your home may only offer a few services, Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio has virtually every spa treatment you need to feel beautiful and rejuvenated, including Brazilian Blowouts, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more.

In addition to having a wide assortment of spa treatments available—all performed by experienced salon stylistsAllure also has some of the most reasonable pricing in the area. If you choose to visit a salon near your hotel when you get to your destination, you can expect to pay at least double what a regular salon would charge. But by setting up an appointment at Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio now, you can get the hair and nail care you need before your trip for a very affordable price.

Dealing with limp locks? Ragged cuticles? Unkempt brows? Instead of hopping on a plane feeling self-conscious, why not simply take advantage of hair and nail care at Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio? To learn more about their salon stylists and the spa treatments this local beauty salon offers, just visit But if you want to schedule an appointment at a salon near your North Canton, Ohio or Hartville, Ohio home now, give Allure a call at 330.644.5300. They’ll try to fit you in as soon as possible!

Allure Nail Spa & Hair Studio
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Akron, Ohio 44312
Ph: 330.644.5300

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