Get Yard Maintenance, Land Services & Tree Services with One Call to Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio

Caring for your land can go from being a joy to being a burden. Cutting grass, trimming trees, and tending gardens can become too timely or strenuous as your life and health change. Hiring a lawn care company is the easy answer. But finding one that provides yard maintenance, lawn services, and tree services is tricky since most landscaping companies want to plant flowers and go. Fortunately for working people in Akron, Ohio, older folks in Dover, Ohio, and busy business owners in North Canton, Ohio, comprehensive land services from Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, Ohio are a phone call away!

When you pull up to your home or arrive at your business, the sight of unkempt grass and sloppy trees is disappointing. The thought of what your neighbors, guests, and customers think may make you want to hang your head or try and shrug it off. Either way, you would prefer for your land to be clean and clear, neat and tidy, and attractive and welcoming.

Perhaps it’s two jobs, three kids, bad knees, or a booming business that keeps you from doing it yourself. In any event, you want it done and Hollinger Tree Service is the company that can do it. The local crew from Canton is a full-service lawn care company that doesn’t skimp on services. They provide yard maintenance like grass cutting and debris removal along with tree services like trimming and pruning. And when most landscaping companies would call it quits, Hollinger Tree Service goes the extra mile.

The truly comprehensive lawn care company offers tree removal and stump grinding. And their land services include land clearing and ROW clearing for residential and commercial customers. If you’re not familiar with that last one, ROW clearing is right-of-way clearing that keeps roads, highways, power lines, communications lines, and other utility materials free of disturbances. So if you share an overgrown access road in Akron or Dover or have trees growing too close to important poles in North Canton, Hollinger Tree Service can help!

Transferring the reins can be an adjustment for people accustomed to doing for themselves. But yard maintenance is hard work that yields beautiful results when done properly and disaster scenes when done poorly. If you can no longer put your all into it, you know the smart thing to do is hire a lawn care company that can do it all for you. Land services and trees services by Hollinger Tree Service are affordable solutions that will produce professional results you can live with.

Release yourself from the responsibility of yard maintenance. Hire Hollinger Tree Service to cut the grass, trim the trees, and remove the mess for you. Their land services will give you impressive results appropriate for your home in Akron, Ohio or your business in Dover, Ohio. Call them for tree services in North Canton, Ohio, and they will make tattered trees tidy and unwanted trees history! Stop being overworked by your land or bothered by its condition. Pass on limited landscaping companies and make Hollinger Tree Service your permanent lawn care company. Call the local crew you can count on at 330.268.2989 today!

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