Get Your Holiday Meats at Canal Fulton Provision near Orrville, Ohio!

With Thanksgiving over and done for the year, many people are thankful that the hectic holiday is over. However, others merely take a short break before they begin planning their menu for Christmas dinner with the family. No matter which group you belong to, it’s never too early to get the basic ingredients for your upcoming meal. For instance, if you know that you’ll be serving quality turkey, smoked ham, fresh goose, or capon to your loved ones, now might be a good time to pick some up at your local meat department. But before you head to your North Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio grocer, take the quick trip over to Canal Fulton Provision instead. Along with having some of the best poultry in the greater Orrville, Ohio area, Canal Fulton Provision has all kinds of great holiday meats to act as the centerpiece of your meal.

Sure, you may have just polished off a 15-pound turkey this Thanksgiving, but since there’s a full month before Christmas dinner, your loved ones will have plenty of time to crave this delicious bird again. If you didn’t visit Canal Fulton Provision prior to your Thanksgiving dinner, now is the time to do so! This Orrville area shop carries a large selection of quality turkey, both large and small. No matter what the size of this year’s Christmas gathering will be, Canal Fulton Provision is sure to have a quality turkey that will fit your needs.

If you’d like to try something a little different this year, you’ll be pleased to learn that Canal Fulton Provision carries some unique products that your family will find just as tasty as more traditional fare. For instance, fresh goose and capon are available in their meat department right now! Just as tender and flavorful as chicken or turkey, the fresh goose and capon now on sale at Canal Fulton Provision are guaranteed to be a hit among your family members. After all, there’s a reason why so many people praise this local shop for having the best poultry around!

Still, not everyone wants to feature yet another bird on their table at Christmas, which is why Canal Fulton Provision has other holiday meats available. Their smoked and boneless hams are rich and flavorful, making them the perfect main course. Even if your loved ones groan at the thought of consuming any more poultry this holiday season, they’re sure to love digging into one of Canal Fulton Provision’s smoked hams when they visit your North Canton or Green home for Christmas dinner!

Regardless of what your tastes or budget may be, this Orrville, Ohio area shop undoubtedly has a mouthwatering holiday meat that will complement your side dishes perfectly. So, why not take the trip over to their meat department to check out their selection of quality turkey, smoked ham, fresh goose, and capon? Since Canal Fulton Provision is known for having the best poultry, pork, and beef around, you may want to make the trip sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is for guests to show up at your North Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio home, only to find the table bare of a main dish!

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