Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio is Now Using Social Media to Interact with Customers

It seems like every time you turn around, people are talking about Facebook, Twitter or some other social media phenomena. Facebook started out as a means to connect with old and new friends. But one local pizza shop in Orrville, Ohio has jumped on the Facebook band wagon and is using it to promote online pizza specials and interact with customers in a non-traditional way. Customers throughout Dalton, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio have begun to follow Gionino’s Orrville on Facebook. Here they are able to do much more than order a delicious pizza. Customers can do things like look for social media promotions as well as give restaurant feedback. This is such a great way for restaurants to market their business!

So let’s say that it is Friday night. You’ve worked hard all week. You would like to treat yourself to a mouthwatering, fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza. But pizza places in the Wooster area are a dime a dozen and you just can’t decide which one to choose! So you hop on Facebook to ask your friends where they get the best tasting pizza. Then you remember that you have seen Gionino’s Orrville on your news feed. You immediately find them and check out the restaurant feedback other people have left on their feed. Everyone has something great, from how hot the pizza was when it arrived to the delicious flavor of the sauce and the chewy texture of the crust. It seems that your decision has been made!

But then you scroll down a little further and see that there is an online pizza special—a large 2 topping pizza for $13.95. Now you are thinking, “Gionino’s Pizzeria it is!” The only thing stopping you is that you live in Dalton and you really don’t feel like leaving the house… That’s when you notice they have online ordering and delivery. It doesn’t get much better than this! And all of this just by hopping on Facebook! Social media is good for things besides catching up with old friends after all!

People that live in Orrville can say that they love Gionino’s not just for the taste of the mouthwatering pizza pies, but for the cost and savings that they have been able to take advantage of. Gionino’s is always running some sort of special on their pizzas. One of the first places that customers will check for coupons is through Gionino’s social media promotions. Every month Gionino’s Orrville will change up the pizza coupons that they put online to keep the customers coming back for more!

Because of their unique marketing approach, Gionino’s Orrville has people from Dalton, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio making the call to buy this amazing pizza! So many of these people saw the positive restaurant feedback on Facebook and decided to try out the online pizza special. These social media promotions drove them to stop by Gionino’s at 127 Water Street in Orrville, Ohio to try a pizza. And they weren’t disappointed! If you don’t believe it, check out Gionino’s Facebook page and try the best pizza in town by calling 330-682-0630 today! They can also be found on the web at

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