Gionino’s Pizzeria Orrville, Ohio Gives You a Full Serving of Vegetables and So Much More

If you are trying to incorporate more vegetables into your daily diet, you are in luck! As of November 17, 2011, The United States Congress declared one serving of pizza to be an adequate serving of vegetables! And if you live in Orrville, Ohio…you are even luckier! Now all you have to do when you are trying to get your daily veggies is call Gionino’s Orrville!

Let us take a moment and travel back in time to when the pizza was first created. Back in 997 AD, the first reference of this delicious, (and now, according to The United States Congress) nutritious food appeared in a little town in southern Italy. The reference was in written form from a Latin text. Traveling ahead to the 16th century, Galette flatbread was referred to as pizza, and was a dish mainly served to the poor people. Pizza as we know it was not found in the United States until the late 19th century. Italian immigrants brought their recipes for pizza with them, and could be found serving slices of this pie in the streets of cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

But, the real story about pizza dates back 21 years ago to Tallmadge, Ohio when two brothers, Sam and Chuck Owen opened their first of what would grow into 36 franchised Gionino’s Pizzeria shops including the one in Orrville, Ohio. “Best Tasting Pizza” became the trademark for which their franchises are known. Gionino’s Pizza uses the freshest ingredients combined with just the right amount of old world flavor. And the recipes are exclusive to Gionino’s Pizzeria. You won’t find your ordinary cookie cutter pizza here!

Speaking of pizza that is anything but ordinary, Gionino’s Pizzeria has many different pizzas to choose from. You can create your own pizza from a list of standard toppings…or you can choose to live a little and think outside the box (and in this case we are talking about pizza boxes!). Gionino’s is known for their award winning pizza and now it can be all yours! Just call and ask for Gionino’s Best: A pizza with all your favorite toppings including, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, bacon, black olives and banana peppers.

If you are too chicken to try that pizza, why not opt for the tangy taste of the buffalo or barbecue chicken pizza? If you still want to play chicken, try the all new chicken club. This pizza uses a homemade white sauce topped with tomatoes, bacon, and hunks of juicy all white meat chicken. If you are still feeling chicken, maybe it’s time you got you some courage with the Popeye pizza. Popeye would be proud to eat this delectable pie served with fresh spinach, ricotta and provolone cheese, and homemade white sauce. If traveling is more your style, why not take your taste buds on an adventure with a Hawaiin pizza? This pizza combines the flavors of sweet and salty with juicy bits of pineapple, surrounding ham and provolone cheese. See?  At Gionino’s Orrville, you can have fruit AND vegetables on your pizza! While you are exploring the oceans, set sail to the Mediterranean. A veggie lover’s dream: Fresh from the garden spinach, roasted red peppers, black olives, and a combination of feta and provolone cheese take you far away from the streets of Orrville, Ohio.

If all this knowledge of pizza has made you the least bit hungry, may we suggest walking your fingers to the nearest phone and dialing 330-682-0630. The folks at Gionino’s Orrville will be happy to accommodate your request to research the history of pizza or you can simply request an on site history lesson at 127 East Water Street in Orrville, Ohio.

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