Gionino’s Pizzeria Provides Affordable Catering in Wayne County, Ohio

If you are throwing a party this weekend in Wayne County, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio, don’t worry Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio can help if you haven’t determined how you are feeding everyone just yet! There are a variety of options on their extensive catering menu, satisfying even the pickiest eater. Hosting a party can get expensive fast! From the food to the decorations, a get together can end up being more work than fun. Gionino’s Pizzeria affordable catering will help make your party hassle free for you and your guests. Whether you are looking for the perfect party pizza or something small for yourself, you’ll find it at Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville!

Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio extensive catering menu ranges from party pizzas to fried chicken with a variety of sides. Starting at just $19.95 you can get a giant 18″ x 24″ square sliced pizza. Each party pizza has thirty-two slices and you can add any additional topping you want for just $3.45. Pizzas are great for casual parties, relaxing with friends, hanging out with the guys for Sunday Football. If you are looking for something more than pizza, Gionino’s has that too! Their Italiano fried chicken serves fifty to a hundred people and starts at just $57.00. Each of their friend chicken is perfectly breaded and cooked to perfection. If you would like to order jojo’s with your chicken you can pair a side with it, or for a more affordable option you can combine them at a discounted rate. If you need to feed a larger quantity than one hundred people, you can just ask Gionino’s Pizzeria and they can help accommodate any size party. Hosting a party has never been easier than with Gionino’s Pizzeria.

Their affordable catering doesn’t stop there. Gionino’s also offers buffalo wings, pasta, and salads. You can order full trays of penne, lasagna, or spaghetti with sauce only or with meatballs. Each tray serves twenty to twenty-five people and ranges in cost depending on what you want to add into the pasta. You can order a large pasta for your weekend party or a family night in. Whether you are in the mood for a tossed salad or an antipasto salad, you can order both at Gionino’s. Much like their pasta options you can order a full tray for a party or half a tray for a more intimate gathering. A full tray serves anywhere from twenty to twenty five people, while the half tray can serve up to ten people. No dinner is complete without sides. Gionino’s offers jojo’s, coleslaw, breadsticks, and garlic bread. Their jojo’s start at twenty five pieces and can go to one hundred, while their garlic bread and breadsticks serve twenty five. You can order coleslaw by the pound starting at just $13.95. Even if you are looking for a quick, healthy family dinner or an affordable party meal, Gionino’s can provide for any of your needs.

Gionino’s Pizzeria in Orrville, Ohio can help you serve your weekend get together with a party pizza or a variety of healthy Italian options. With Gionino’s extensive catering menu and large quantities you can provide an assortment of options to anyone at your party without worrying about everyone having enough. Just be sure to give Gionino’s a twenty four hour notice to prepare your meal. A get together can become expensive and hosting a party shouldn’t break the bank. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Gionino’s strives to provide the most affordable catering in Dalton, Ohio. For your next weekend get together in Wayne County, Ohio give Gionino’s Pizzeria a call at 330-682-0630.

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