Glen F. Buttacavoli, Elder Law Attorney, Offers Medicaid Counsel in Massillon, Ohio

Elder Law Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli, located in Massillon, Ohio wants to help his clients navigate the veritable maze that is Medicaid. Glen has seen many unfortunate and avoidable circumstances arise because people have tried to tackle this complicated system on their own. To get the most from Medicaid and to maintain as many of your assets as possible, you need an expert, and Glen F. Buttacavoli is the best Elder Law Attorney in the Massillon and Canton, Ohio area.

There are many myths surrounding Medicaid. One of the primary reasons for these misconceptions has to do with how Medicaid is administered. Medicaid is a nationwide program that is in an almost constant state of flux. Rules and regulations change often, and also vary from one state to the next. An Elder Law Attorney, like Massillon’s Glen F. Buttacavoli, looks at each client’s individual situation, and helps them to determine the best way to proceed.

Before impoverishing yourself in an attempt to qualifying for Medicaid or simply getting the paperwork from your local Medicaid office, and attempting to figure out everything for yourself, seek the counsel of a qualified Elder Law Attorney. Glen F. Buttacavoli will advocate for you to ensure that you live as comfortably as possible by helping you to retain your assets. Regulations are set forth within Medicaid specifically to ensure that families do not lose everything to nursing home costs.  However, if you do not fully understand or are not aware of these stipulations, then you may lose more than you should.

Many people believe that once they or their loved ones have entered a nursing home or similar facility, it is too late to get help with Medicaid and other legal and financial situations. While it is always better to begin planning early, it is very rarely too late. The best time to start planning is before you need it. Early planning is what enables you to preserve assets.

It is important for you and your loved ones to have an up-to-date Durable Power of Attorney, which will allow financial decisions to be made on their behalf. Likewise, a Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will are needed for medical decision making. These documents are particularly necessary when a gradual or even a sudden decline in competency is a possibility; and an Elder Law Attorney can assist you in drafting these documents, as well as ensure that everything is filed correctly. Glen F. Buttacavoli, in Massillon, Ohio, will make the Medicaid, power of attorney, and living will processes as easy as possible for you and your family. You will want to have these in place before problems arise so that you can avoid the additional stress of attempting to get them set up after the fact.

If you believe that nursing home care and application for Medicaid is a possibility in the near future, attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli urges you to begin planning now. He will take his time, treating you and your family with the respect you deserve. Glen knows that every family’s situation is unique, and will review your circumstances with care to determine the appropriate plan and best course of action.

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