Glen F. Buttacavoli, VA Accredited Attorney, Is Your Massillon & Canton, Ohio Guide to Veteran Benefits

Are you the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran in the Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio area? Has anyone talked to you about eligibility for the Aid & Attendance benefit as part of the Improved Pension? Have you, a veteran or a surviving spouse, put off applying for benefits because you believe that you would not qualify because you own your home and/or vehicle(s)? However, financial eligibility specifically excludes your home and vehicle(s) from the amount of your assets. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration, and ones that are excluded, that you’d have to be an expert in veteran benefits to keep track. Luckily, VA Accredited Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli is just such an expert, and he is only a phone call away!

Glen F. Buttacavoli has been serving the Canton and Massillon area for over 25 years. And, while he is accredited by the Department of Veteran Affairs, his services are not limited to veteran benefits. Mr. Buttacavoli is an elder law attorney, which means that he specializes in a variety of services to assist his clients in receiving necessary benefits, as well as estate planning, and everything that process entails.

With all of his other services, you may wonder why he also chose to pursue veteran affairs. But, the better question may be, “why not?” Not only is he able to be part of recognizing the service and sacrifices of veterans and their loved ones, but he can also work to ensure that they receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Many wartime veterans and their widows believe that every avenue has been explored, and that their eligibility has been checked, but it you haven’t worked with a professional, you cannot be certain. Some estimate that approximately 1 out of every 4 U.S. seniors may be eligible for Aid & Assistance, yet the number of seniors who are actually receiving this benefit is roughly a mere 5 percent!

The Improved Pension Benefit actually has three tiers: Basic, Housebound, and Aid & Attendance. And, while it is the Aid & Attendance veteran benefit that is most commonly overlooked, a VA accredited attorney like Massillon’s Glen F. Buttacavoli will ensure that every aspect of every available benefit has been explored. There are so many opportunities that veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses do not realize are available to them. For instance, within the Aid & Attendance benefit, you can still qualify even if you are already residing in an assisted living facility. Benefits can also be applied for on behalf of an ill spouse, even if the veteran is healthy.

The list of loopholes, special benefits, and eligibility qualifications is nearly endless. Even a professional like local attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli must work to keep himself informed of each specification and any changes. It simply is not possible for someone without specialized knowledge to keep track of everything. It’s also important to note that no one is permitted to assist a veteran or other qualifying individual with an initial veteran benefits claim unless that person is VA accredited. So, take a step back and a deep breath, and then make the call!

You can reach Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio’s elder law and VA accredited attorney, Glen F. Buttacavoli, by phone at 330.830.0083 to schedule your consultation, and begin the journey toward receiving the veteran benefits that were earned through service and sacrifice, which may include Aid & Attendance.

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