Go Green with Natural Fiber Insulation from Alpaca Fiber Insulation Company of Ohio in Minerva, Ohio

We’ve recently discovered one of the most interesting ways to go green right here in Northeast Ohio! It’s a surprising addition to the list of all things eco-friendly known as natural fiber insulation. Natural builders in the US and Canada confirm the use of animal fibers that most of us would call fur to insulate homes and businesses. Beyond the absence of byproducts typical to man-made insulation (think fiberglass), animal fiber makes for hypoallergenic fire retardant insulation. And a local company based in Stark County, OhioAlpaca Fiber Insulation Company of Ohio – is producing a high quality variation on its Alpaca farm in Minerva, Ohio!

Please don’t think you’re the only one surprised to learn of natural fiber insulation. Granted there are sources like Green Home Building that have been exploring the category for quite some time. Most of us might never have thought of using shearings for everything from making homes more energy-efficient to soundproofing music studios. But natural fiber insulation is growing in use for these reasons and more! In fact, here are benefits exclusive to the Alpaca fiber insulation from the Alpaca Fiber Insulation Company of Ohio.

Alpaca Natural Fiber Insulation Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic & itch-free
  • Allows for the use of less utilities
  • R-Factor– average R-16 value at 4-inch of fiber
  • Keeps structures warm in the winter & cool in the summer
  • Composed entirely of Alpaca fiber and therefore 100% green
  • Fire retardant insulation as Alpaca fiber does not burn but tends to put itself out when set on fire
  • Moisture wicking as Alpaca fiber will hold eight times its weight in moisture before becoming soaked

The composition alone ranks this product high among all ways to go green. And should you visit the Alpaca farm in Minerva that the leaders of Alpaca Fiber Insulation Company of Ohio own and operate, you might well consider this product to be equal parts eco-friendly and animal friendly. That’s because the team behind this natural insulation is not new to Alpacas or Stark County, for that matter.

Instead, they have roots in Northeast Ohio and a solid customer base for their original Alpaca goods available at Natural Approach Farm Store. Patrons of this quaint store have long enjoyed picking out Alpaca sweaters, hats, gloves, and rugs among other things. And most also enjoy seeing the naturally pleasant Alpacas frolicking about the farm.

You can see them for yourself today! Simply stop by Natural Approach Farm Store in Stark County, Ohio. While at the farm, you can also see and feel samples of the Alpaca natural fiber insulation and shop the other exquisite Alpaca items. You can also talk to staff members and learn more benefits specific to this hypoallergenic fire retardant insulation. Decide to make this one of your ways to go green at your home or business in Northeast Ohio, and you can place your order before you go. For more information go to www.alpacainsulation.com or call 330-705-6170.

Alpaca Fiber Insulation Company of Ohio
3944 Whitacre Avenue
Minerva, Ohio 44657

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