Going Back-to-School Shopping This Month? Check out Habitat ReStore of Stark County, Ohio for Great Deals!

Heading to college for the fall semester is a big deal regardless of whether you’re a returning student or an eager new freshman. It’s an exciting time of year that promises plenty of opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. But despite the anticipation, you’re probably not looking forward to all of the things you need to do in order to prepare—like back-to-school shopping. As a student with a limited budget, it can be hard to find all of the small home appliances and other college dorm supplies you need to make your room feel like the one you left back at your North Canton, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; or Louisville, Ohio home. Even big box stores who claim to offer “affordable dorm furniture” don’t seem to realize how expensive books, tuition, food and housing actually are… Fortunately, Habitat ReStore of Stark County, Ohio is the perfect solution to the struggling student’s dorm room or apartment furnishing predicament. By stopping by one of the area’s top thrift stores, you’re sure to find a variety of pre-owned books, used furniture and other college necessities that won’t eat up all of your savings!

The month of August is the prime time to head out on your back-to-school shopping excursion as establishments generally run sales on the college dorm supplies they offer. The only problem is that these discounted products may still be out of your price range. You need to be careful with how much you spend on your dorm room or apartment furnishings as there are plenty of other school expenses that you’re responsible for. That being said, finding affordable dorm furniture and small home appliances isn’t impossible.

Habitat ReStore is usually the first place that Stark County natives visit when they’re on the hunt for used furniture, appliances, pre-owned books, building materials, electronics and knick knacks. When you take the trip over to their facility, you’ll notice that their selection is quite extensive, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to furnishing your college dorm room or apartment.

Need a new coffee maker in order to caffeinate yourself before your 8AM class? Habitat ReStore has a wide range of small home appliances, so chances are that you can find a coffee maker that fits your budget and needs.

Want a bigger bookshelf to help organize your growing collection of literature? A decent dining set for when you have guests over? A comfortable couch to rest on after a hectic day? Habitat ReStore has all of these items and more within their inventory of used furniture. And since the affordable dorm furniture they offer has been generously donated by local residents, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to get the college dorm supplies you need in good condition and at a great price!

Back-to-school shopping at Habitat ReStore is an excellent choice for any student who wants to make their new dorm room or apartment as homey as the space they left behind in Alliance, Louisville, or North Canton. And the fact that you could wind up saving hundreds of dollars in the process…well, that’s pretty cool too!

To learn more about why back-to-school shopping at Habitat ReStore of Stark County, Ohio is so worthwhile, visit their website at www.restorestark.org. You’ll be able to read up on the used furniture, building materials, pre-owned books, small home appliances and other products they offer, as well as find out how their profits help to build homes with families in need. If you have any questions for the staff of Habitat ReStore, just give them a call at 330.493.0011. But if you’d like to peruse their selection of affordable dorm furniture and other college dorm supplies before the fall semester starts, take the quick trip from your North Canton, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; or Louisville, Ohio home to their establishment.

Habitat ReStore
4525 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio
Ph: 330.493.0011

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