Great Food & Pay-Per-View Events Make Sports Therapy Bar & Grille in Canton, Ohio a Great Guy Getaway

Now that school is out, Dads everywhere are sharing TV time with their kids. Those with little ones in Louisville, Ohio may be watching more Disney than they would like. And those with teens in Akron, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio may be growing tired of reality shows. When Dads need a break from sing-along’s and screaming matches, Sports Therapy Bar & Grille in Canton, Ohio is the preferred refuge. The local sports bar provides genuine guy time with great food, lunch specials, and pay-per-view events!

It goes without saying that Dads enjoy spending time with their kids. Hence the field trips they chaperone throughout the school year, the sleepovers they host throughout the entire year, and the afternoons they spend doing whatever their children want to do. From the zoo to the mall and on to family vacations, Dad’s do family time well!

But let’s be reasonable. Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. Kids want to hang out their friends, Moms want to slip away to the day spa, and Dads want an uninterrupted dose of sports. It’s not to say that the parties that comprise the family unit don’t enjoy each other. Each simply has individual interests. And there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of personal enjoyment every now and again.

For fathers in Northeast Ohio, Sports Therapy Bar & Grille serves personal and edible enjoyment close to home. With leather seating, pool tables, and great food, the local sports bar in Canton caters to guys who need a little getaway. Sports Therapy Bar & Grille also boasts a bona fide man cave lined with leather sofas and guy-approved TVs. So should Dads from Akron, Massillon, and Louisville want to meet up and kick back, the local sports bar is an ideal destination!

Pay-per-view events at Sports Therapy Bar & Grille let UFC, WWE, NBA, NFL, and NHL fans savor great food while enjoying their kind of excitement. Wings, steaks, sandwiches, and seafood are all on the menu. And that includes lunch specials like the Philly Steak Sandwich, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Shrimp Alfredo. Plus, Sports Therapy Bar & Grille has a full bar with beer and drink specials too!

It’s easy to see why Sports Therapy Bar & Grille is the sports bar of choice for guys in Northeast Ohio. And this summer, it can also be the break zone for Dads in Akron, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and Louisville, Ohio. All are welcome to pop in for lunch specials or stay for pay-per-view events. Either way, great food and genuine guy time are inevitable! If you’d like to know what Sports Therapy Bar & Grille has on the menu today, visit their website at or call 330.453.8278. And be sure to make note of their address so you know where to go to get away.

Sports Therapy Bar & Grille
201 Cleveland Avenue
Canton, Ohio 44702

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