he Pierogi Lady Offers the Perfect Choice for Holiday Themed Food near Canton, Ohio

If you are from Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; or Canal Fulton, Ohio, you have probably heard of The Pierogi Lady. And if you know about The Pierogi Lady, then you’re aware of the amazing handmade pierogies that she makes. Chef Autumn has a family recipe for everything from traditional Polish pierogies to specialty Thanksgiving themed foods. No matter what your taste is, you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds by visiting The Pierogi Lady.

The Pierogi Lady decided to start her business because she could not find a good traditional Polish pierogi in any box or freezer selection around the Canal Fulton area. When she decided to make handmade pierogies from family recipes that she tweaked to her liking, friends and family began to see how this hobby could quickly turn into a booming business. Boy, were they right! She is continually increasing her product line with never-ending possibilities.

This time of year you may ask yourself, “Why would I want pierogies on my holiday menu?” Once again, The Pierogi Lady has an answer. It is her latest creation, Thanksgiving Day Dinner, in a pierogi. It is a combination of mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy all wrapped in a handmade pierogi. Sound amazing? It is! If that isn’t enough, she also has a sweet potato casserole-filled pierogi. It is everything that you could imagine—sweet potatoes mixed with brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon for a delectable treat in a doughy shell. You could have all of your favorite Thanksgiving themed foods in a new twist for your Canton or North Canton holiday dinner.

If unique filled pierogies aren’t your thing, that’s ok, because The Pierogi Lady has a variety of traditional Polish pierogies to satisfy your tastes too. Some of the popular ones include sauerkraut, potato, potato cheddar, and a variety of cheese and sweet cheese-filled pierogies. All are amazing when sautéed with some butter and onions! There is something for everyone from The Pierogi Lady.

The Pierogi Lady’s pierogies are available at several locations. The main location is just minutes from Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; and Canal Fulton, Ohio. They can be found at Hartville Marketplace at 1289 Edison St. NW in Hartville, Ohio. It is at this location that you will find all of the traditional Polish pierogies, as well as the Thanksgiving themed food treats. There may even be some fillings that will surprise you! Check out the website www.mypierogilady.com for other locations and hours, as well as the many other handmade pierogi choices that are based off of a family recipe. You can also check out The Pierogi Lady’s Facebook page to see the menu of the day. Feel free to call 330.690.2129 to see what their newest pierogi filling is. You won’t be sorry that you did!

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