Head to Habitat ReStore in Canton, Ohio to Donate Household Items and More

The holiday season ended recently, and chances are that you probably received quite a few new items for yourself and your home. Maybe a friend gave you a new wall clock to hang in place of the old one. Perhaps your spouse or parent splurged and gave you that recliner you’ve been eyeing through the store window. Whatever the case may be, this is the perfect time to donate the household items you’re no longer using. Habitat ReStore is always accepting furniture donations and used home appliances to sell in their Canton, Ohio establishment, especially during this time of year. By getting rid of some unwanted items, you can make a tax deductible donation, de-clutter your North Canton, Ohio area home, and even help Stark County, Ohio residents in need!

Habitat ReStore regularly encourages Stark County natives to donate the household items they are no longer using. Oftentimes people will simply throw away the products they have no use for, contributing to the build-up of waste in landfills. Instead of just adding to the trash heap, why not donate your old household goods and do your part to save the planet?

Yes, giving away unwanted items is good for the environment, but do you know what else it is good for? People in need. The furniture donations, building material contributions, used home appliances, and other furnishings that are sold within their Canton establishment go to a great cause as well. All proceeds from Habitat ReStore benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark & Carroll Counties. By simply giving away your gently-used items, you can help the ministry of Habitat for Humanity further its mission of eliminating poverty housing!

But taking a trip to Habitat ReStore won’t just help out the environment or people in need—you, yourself, will also find it quite beneficial! With so much new stuff in your North Canton area house, you’re probably thinking about getting rid of a few things. And that’s where Habitat ReStore comes in! By making a plan to visit Habitat ReStore, you can start to de-clutter your home and make room for the brand-new items you received this holiday season. Plus, you can even use your tax deductible donations to save yourself some money this April!

Why not take the time to visit Habitat ReStore this month to donate some of your household items? By taking in your used home appliance or furniture donations, you can help out the environment, people in need, and even yourself! So, what are you waiting for? Look through your North Canton, Ohio home and start sorting through the things you want to keep and those you want to give to Habitat ReStore. But before you start to de-clutter your home, visit www.restorestark.org to find out more about their mission and how everyone can benefit from your tax deductible donations. If you have any questions about how Habitat ReStore helps out the greater Stark County, Ohio area, give them a call at 330.493.0011.

Habitat ReStore
4525 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio

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