Hollinger Tree Service for Storm Debris Clean-Up & Downed Limb Removal in Carroll County, Ohio

The brilliant colors of fall are shining through in Carroll County, Ohio, and summer is slowly fading. It’s hard to imagine that dark skies and storms could cloud the day! But, just as you head out to enjoy the fall festivals…a weather alert is issued for Carroll County which includes the surrounding areas of Malvern, Ohio, Minerva, Ohio and Carrollton, Ohio. Plans cancelled! Drats! Now, as you sit in your home waiting out the weather, the storms roll in and with it comes high winds, heavy downpours, and darkness! The lights are out! Next, the lightning lights up the sky just in time for you to catch a glimpse of branches flying through the air! Ughhh, not the way you planned on spending your day! But, you are not worried because you have local tree specialists Hollinger Tree Service on your cell phone! One call and a crew is on its way to provide downed limb removal, storm debris clean-up, or to work with your insurance agent to expedite your claim!

Luckily for you, Hollinger Tree Service was at your Malvern home earlier in the year and took care of trimming and pruning the dead branches and limbs from the trees surrounding your home. So, the storm did cause quite a mess, but not as much as it could have! Now, that you have had a chance to take a look at the trees around your home, it’s time to pull out your handy dandy cell phone and dial 330-268-2989. Hollinger Tree Service is on call, just for you (at least that is what it seems like)!

Hollinger Tree Service, based out of Louisville, Ohio, has been providing storm clean-up to residents of Carroll County and surrounding areas for many years. And these local tree specialists take their job seriously! They know that after a severe storm, you might be dealing with more than just picking up twigs. The power might still be out, your home could have suffered from hail or wind damage, plus you may need downed limb removal for your driveway or, even worse, your home! That’s why Hollinger Tree Service will make every effort possible to get to your home quickly to take a little of the stress away!

Something else that will take the stress away during your storm clean up is the fact that Hollinger Tree Service is a member of the TCIA….the Tree Care Industry Association, an organization that has been helping to advance the tree care business since 1938. Being a member of this knowledgeable organization gives you peace of mind in knowing that Hollinger Tree Service is up to date with the latest technologies, safety standards, and information available to the tree care industry.

After the storm debris clean-up has been finished by Hollinger Tree Service around Carrollton and Minerva, be sure to tell your neighbors about the quality work they provided. After all, you have been meaning to talk with your neighbors regarding the tree on their property that is dangerously hanging over your roof! Take this opportunity to introduce them to Hollinger Tree Service, it might just save you hassle and worry the next time the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes!

Hollinger Tree Service, serving Carroll County, Ohio and surrounding areas including Malvern, Ohio; Minerva, Ohio; and Carrollton, Ohio. Give these local tree specialists a call today at 330-268-2989 for all of your tree care, including 24/7 emergency tree service, downed limb removal, and storm debris clean-up.

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