Hollinger Tree Service Is Your Louisville, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio Area Storm Clean Up and Lot Clearing Crew!

For the past several days, the rumbling of thunder has been heard in the Louisville, Ohio area and throughout Stark County, Ohio. The late spring and early summer storms have arrived, bringing with them blustery winds, heavy rains, and flashes of lightning. If you have trees on your property, then you need to have the number for Hollinger Tree Service at your fingertips for storm clean up or land and lot clearing!

Hollinger Tree Service is prepared to deal with all manner of storm clean up. Whether you have small branches all over your lawn or fields, or large limbs littering your yard, you can count on this local Louisville business to assist you.

In addition to clearing away downed limbs and branches, Hollinger Tree Service can also check the integrity of your standing trees. Is there disease or rot that could make the trees more susceptible to storm damage? Are there limbs that are barely holding on, and may fall with the next stiff breeze? If they do find limbs and branches that are a potential hazard, they can remove them before they have a chance to cause any harm.

As a local business that employees local residents instead of subcontractors, Hollinger Tree Service knows the Stark County area well, and is perfectly equipped to deal with whatever Mother Nature may dish out. In fact, they are so accustomed to the unpredictable nature of Northeast Ohio weather, that they even offer twenty-four hour emergency service.

Looking to have more than just some fallen branches cleared away? Hollinger Tree Service also performs land and lot clearing. Lot clearing does not necessarily mean that every tree on the property has to go. You may choose to preserve certain ones, but remove the rest. As a full service tree and landscaping company, Hollinger Tree Service has everything they need to dig up even the most stubborn roots and perform the necessary stump grinding. They will not leave the job half-finished either. Hollinger Tree Service treats every job as though they were working for a neighbor—no gaping holes or hastily filled gaps. They use only clean fill and topsoil, and will reseed your lawn so that you can look forward to lush expanse of green with no unsightly marring from your tree removal.

Additionally, they can perform complete land and lot clearing for new construction, residential, or commercial properties. Their excellent prices will help you or local contractors to stay well within budget.

No matter what your Stark County, Ohio area needs—storm clean up, partial lot clearing, or complete land clearing—Hollinger Tree Service is the local company for the job. To receive a free, no obligation quote or to get the job started right away, give Louisville, Ohio’s Hollinger Tree Service a call at 330.268.2989 today!

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Phone (including 24 hour emergency service): 330.268.2989

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