Hollinger Tree Service Tree Care Professionals Handle Stump Removal in Stark County, Ohio & Surrounding Areas

Labor Day has arrived and with it the unofficial end of summer in Carroll County, Ohio (and pretty much everywhere else). It also marks the time of year that you see fewer and fewer landscapers, tree care professionals, and gardeners out and about in Summit County, Ohio. In short, fall is coming to Northeast Ohio, and if there’s a Stark County, Ohio tree project that you’ve been putting off, now is the time to do it. You know what I’m talking about. That stump from that tree you had cut down earlier this year? It needs to go, and the stump removal needs to be handled by a local tree company like Hollinger Tree Service.

You had the best of intentions. You went online, and read about all of the cool things that you could do with that stump. It could be sanded and shellacked and turned into an awesome outdoor table for your Carroll County summertime entertaining! Maybe you were going to cut a hole in the center, fill it with potting soil, and turn into nature’s own planter. Or maybe you just wanted to avoid the expense of hiring a Summit County professional. It probably didn’t take long for you to realize that there was no way you could dig it up on your own. And, even if you did, a stump grinder won’t exactly fit in the backseat of your car.

Your next option would have been natural decomposition, but this comes with its own set of risk factors. The tree that you had cut down may have been infected without you realizing it. If the infection spreads to the roots, it can affect your grass and even nearby trees. Even in the perfect conditions, in which the stump remains healthy, do you really want a rotting tree stump to be the thing people notice first when they see your yard? Of course not.

Your last option is to try one of those supposed decomposition accelerants, but that’s not recommended. First, there’s the question of adding chemical to your lawn. No matter what claims are made on the bottle or box, there are no guarantees. Second, studies have proven time and again that these products simply are not effective. Your money would be better spent on a stump removal method that you know will truly work.

So, that brings us back to this: it’s time to call local tree company Hollinger Tree Service! These tree care professionals, based in Stark County, will remove the stump with the efficiency you’d expect from a big name company, the courtesy you’d receive from a friend or neighbor, and for the price you’d expect from a family member. For even more savings, you can head over to iShopStark.com and print out a coupon for 10% off stump grinding or other services!

Get your stump removal completed before the cold temperatures arrive and ground freezes! Our Summit County, Ohio and Carroll County, Ohio evenings are already growing cooler with each passing day, so there isn’t much time left to contact your local tree company. Call the tree care professionals of Hollinger Tree Service in Stark County, Ohio at 330.268.2989 today!

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