Host a Pierogi Dinner for Your Next Canton, Ohio Event with Help from The Pierogi Lady

Hiring someone to provide professional catering for your Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio event is basically hit or miss. A company can be great on paper, but unless they have a lot of positive feedback from previous clients, then you never really know what you’re getting. Luckily, The Pierogi Lady has received glowing reviews from people throughout the Northeast Ohio region! By enlisting The Pierogi Lady’s help for your party or business meeting, not only are you guaranteed excellent service, but specialty food that will make your event truly unique. With the freshly-made pierogies from this locally-owned and operated business, you’ll be able to host a pierogi dinner that your guests are sure to remember for years to come!

The trouble with professional catering is that not only do you risk hiring a team that provides mediocre service, but they all tend to offer the same menu options. Bland chicken breasts, dry mashed potatoes, soggy green beans… This isn’t the type of meal you’d enjoy from a restaurant, and it’s certainly not one you’d want to serve to guests at your gathering. Fortunately, The Pierogi Lady stands apart from other caterers by giving clients the opportunity to partake in delicious, freshly-made pierogies. Prepared from scratch using old family recipes and a number of creative fillings, the specialty foods from The Pierogi Lady are sure to please even the pickiest eaters at your birthday party, bridal shower or corporate event!

Though The Pierogi Lady is primarily known for selling freshly-made pierogies at markets and restaurants throughout the area, this local business has recently expanded their work area in order to have more space for catering preparation. When you call The Pierogi Lady and place your order, you can count on receiving a batch of these delectable specialty foods on the day of your event. No matter how big your gathering may be, The Pierogi Lady will be able to prepare enough freshly-made pierogies for each one of the guests in your Canton, Massillon or Akron venue.

Along with making sure that all of your friends, family members and co-workers are well-fed, you can also feel confident that The Pierogi Lady will provide you with the means to host a memorable event. Since your guests are undoubtedly familiar with the boring food usually offered by professional catering companies, they’ll be blown away by such a unique and mouthwatering pierogi dinner!

Instead of settling on a professional catering service that could fall flat, why not see how The Pierogi Lady can liven up your Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or Akron, Ohio event with a tantalizing pierogi dinner? Visit to view their menu and determine which freshly-made pierogies would best suit your guests. When you’ve made your decision, just give The Pierogi Lady a call at 330.690.2129 to place your order. On the day of your party or meeting, you’ll be able to present your guests with a wonderful meal of specialty food that they won’t soon forget!

The Pierogi Lady
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, Ohio
Ph: 330.690.2129

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