Improve the Water in Your Canton, Ohio Home with a Water Treatment System from Vern Dale’s Water Center

Not everyone relishes the thought of having to purchase case after case of bottled water. Not only is it expensive, but the plastic containers wreak havoc on the environment when not properly recycled. Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that buying bottled water is the only alternative when tap water just isn’t as clean, crisp and clear as it should be. However, this simply isn’t the case. By installing a water treatment system in your Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio home, you can get improved drinking water for just pennies a day! Stark County, Ohio’s own Vern Dale’s Water Center has a variety of options available, including reverse-osmosis systems, iron/sulfur units, carbon filters and other water softeners. Not only will placing a call to Vern Dale’s Water Center help you cut down on costs and reduce damage to the environment, but it will give your family a source of water that is much safer and more enjoyable to consume.

Despite the fact that water treatment systems have grown in popularity over the years, some people still continue to purchase bottled water, believing that it’s healthier to drink than what comes out of the tap. In all reality, the tap water in your Canton, Massillon, or North Canton home can be filtered so it’s just as safe and delicious as what comes from that expensive plastic bottle. Vern Dale’s Water Center carries a number of different filters and additives that are designed to remove contaminates and impurities from your tap water. Whether you have well water or city water, installing one of their water treatment systems will help to significantly improve the drinking water in your home.

Reverse-osmosis systems are the most highly advanced drinking water systems available on the market today. And it just so happens that Vern Dale’s Water Center has such products in stock. Using a series of filters, the reverse-osmosis system helps to reduce many of the microscopic impurities and chemical elements that are present in your water supply. The result? Water that is cleaner, healthier, better tasting, less expensive and safer for the environment.

If you have hard water in your home, then you’ve most likely noticed that you can’t clean yourself, your clothes, your dishes, or anything else as effectively as you’d like. As hard water combines with soap to form a sticky scum-like substance, washing becomes a more difficult chore than it should be. Fortunately, Vern Dale’s Water Center carries water softeners that help combat hard water. Using softener salt, water softeners can remove the calcium, magnesium and other metal ions that are present in your water, reducing the buildup on your fixtures and making it much better for cleaning.

This Stark County establishment also carries carbon filters and iron/sulfur units that remove other pollutants from your water supply. If you’re dealing with odorous water that contains chlorine, a carbon filter is an excellent option. However, if Vern Dale’s tests your water and finds that there is a heavy presence of iron, sulfur and manganese, purchasing an iron/sulfur unit may be your best bet.

No matter why you’re hesitant to use the tap water in your North Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home, Vern Dale’s Water Center has a solution available that will help to improve your drinking and cleaning water. So, if you’re interested to learn more about what a water treatment system can do for you and your family, visit their website at If you have any questions about reverse-osmosis systems, carbon filters, water softeners, or iron/sulfur units, don’t hesitate to give this Stark County, Ohio establishment a call at 330.455.9466.

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