In Need of Graduation Party Catering This Coming June? Call Romeo’s Pizza in North Canton, Ohio!

If you have a child who is finishing up their senior year, you’re probably in a hurry to get everything ready for their upcoming graduation party. Unfortunately, though you may have a handle on seating, decorations, and invitations, you may be at a loss when it comes to what party food you should serve your guests. If this is the case and you’re planning on hosting the event at your own Canal Fulton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio home, your best bet is using a local catering service. And it just so happens that Romeo’s Pizza in North Canton, Ohio offers graduation party catering in addition to regular delivery! From affordable sheet pizzas to party subs, Romeo’s Pizza has a wide assortment of foods to choose from, any of which would be perfect for your child’s party.

When some people hear the phrase “catering service,” they immediately think of bland mashed potatoes, dry chicken, and nearly inedible green beans. However, this isn’t the case with Romeo’s Pizza. If you enlist the help of this North Canton establishment for graduation party catering, you’ll find that their party food is just as delicious as the hot, gooey, mouthwatering pizza they’ve become known for! Even if you’ve had a bad experience using a catering service in the past, rest assured that you won’t get anything short of delectable from Romeo’s Pizza. Plus, is there any food more popular than pizza?

Since your child’s graduation party will undoubtedly consist of both a younger and an older crowd, it’s a good idea to get party food that everyone will enjoy. You’ll be happy to know that not only does Romeo’s Pizza offer affordable sheet pizzas for large events, but their pies have won a number of awards including Best Pizza in the Midwest 2013! Your guests will all love one of Romeo’s famous pizzas covered in fresh toppings. Big enough to serve roughly 8 to 12 people, a few of these affordable sheet pizzas from Romeo’s Pizza may be the perfect main course for the upcoming gathering in honor of your child.

Of course, pizza isn’t the only party food Romeo’s has to offer in terms of graduation party catering. They also have some tasty party subs available in turkey, ham & cheese, Italian, and club. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments on the side, these party subs are a good choice if you want a healthier option for your gathering. However, since each party tray includes eight 8” subs, you may need to get a bigger table to put in your Jackson Township or Canal Fulton backyard!

In addition to their affordable sheet pizzas and party subs, Romeo’s Pizza also has large orders of wings, salads, pastas, desserts, and appetizers. They can even provide you with beverages! When it comes to graduation party catering, Romeo’s Pizza can ensure that you have all of your bases covered. So, why not take a few moments to learn more about their catering service and the party foods they have available? Visit their website at, or give them a call at 330.497.0000 a week or so before the graduation party is scheduled to be held at your Jackson Township, Ohio or Canal Fulton, Ohio home.

Romeo’s Pizza
4887 Portage St NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.497.0000

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