Join Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio for Tusco Long Riders’ Day This March!

Of all the shooting events that take place in the Northeast Ohio region, none are as entertaining to watch as those in which the Tusco Long Riders participate. These talented marksmen specialize in Cowboy Action Shooting (also known as Single Action Shooting), which allows competitors to adopt a “handle,” dress up in period clothing, and use firearms (or replicas) that were made prior to 1899. Needless to say, these shooting competitions are just as much fun for participants as they are for spectators! For those who are interested in learning more about this shooting sport, Kames Sports will be hosting a meet and greet with this local group on March 14th from 10am-6pm at their store in North Canton, Ohio. Whether you were already planning on paying a visit to Kames Sports for new firearms and gear, or you’re just passionate about the history of the Old West, it will be well worth a trip from your Stark County, Ohio home to attend this event!

Though this “shooting event” won’t include an actual shooting competition, it will give Northeast Ohio natives the opportunity to meet the Tusco Long Riders Cowboy Action Shooters in person. And best of all, the members of this club will have all of their firearms and gear with them, as well as their costumes! If you’ve always been fascinated by the Old West and movies based on this historical period, this is one meet and greet at Kames Sports’ store in North Canton that you won’t want to miss!

Along with being able to meet these skilled shooters in person, those who take advantage of the meet and greet with the Tusco Long Riders at Kames Sports will have the opportunity to ask whatever questions they want. For instance, if you’re curious as to what Single Action Shooting entails, how the Tusco Long Riders chose their “handles,” what kind of firearms and gear they use, or why they decided to form their group, this upcoming event in March will allow you to get all of your answers. Those with a serious interest in Single Action Shooting can even inquire about getting involved with the sport.

To top it all off, Kames Sports’ meet and greet will give you a chance to find out about the Tusco Long Riders’ next shooting competition. Since these Old West enthusiasts hold shooting events in and around the Stark County area, you may have an opportunity to see them in action soon! With themed targets, costumes, and props, you’ll find that these competitions are very different from any you may have seen before.

If you want to receive updates on this unique shooting event, make sure to like Kames Sports on Facebook. They even posted an informative article for those who are unfamiliar with Cowboy Action Shooting! You can also find additional information about the meet and greet with the Tusco Long Riders by visiting Kames’ website at Just make sure to mark your calendar for March 14th so you’ll be able to take the trip from your Stark County, Ohio home to talk with these Single Action Shooting experts in person. That way, you can not only see them in full costume with all of their firearms and gear, but you can find out when and where in Northeast Ohio they’ll be holding their next shooting competition!

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