Keep Your Pet Cute & Comfortable with Full-Service Pet Grooming by Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton, Ohio

Doesn’t it seem like pets love spring as much as people do? Think about it. They’ve been restricted to short walks in deep snow for months. No rides in the car or trips to park either. Now, their fun-filled afternoons are back! Running through grass and seeing old friends probably excites them as much as it tickles us. So why not schedule a pet grooming appointment and let your furry friend return to the social scene in style? Grooming pets surely lifts their spirits like fresh haircuts do for humans. And cats and dogs near North Canton, Ohio or close to Canal Fulton, Ohio have a full-service pet groomer ready to improve their looks and moods at Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton, Ohio.

Nothing let’s your pet know you care like special treatment. That’s why they look forward to belly rubs, jump in your lap, and get in your bed before you do. And animal lovers lavish their pets with treats and attention to seal the deal. Pet grooming confirms that your four-legged buddy means a lot to you. Having excess fur removed keeps them comfortable just like having their teeth cleaned keeps them healthy. Grooming pets is an extra dose of affection that also gives your cat or dog relief.

When fur and nails go untrimmed, your pet can experience uncomfortable and even painful consequences. Matting fur pulls and tugs at their skin. It can lead to irritation and bigger problems should something other than fur get caught in the tangles. Overgrown nails, on the other hand, can make walking hurt. Should the nails break too far back, your pet could bleed and experience major discomfort.

A visit to Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Canton can avoid discomfort and painful problems. The local pet groomer provides full-service care and pampering for canine and feline friends. Scruffy 2 Fluffy’s pet grooming services include fur trimming and shaving as well as nail clipping and teeth cleaning. And they can add bows to make sure your pet is the cutest animal at the park near North Canton or in Canal Fulton!

Grooming pets helps you keep your home and car clean too. It reduces excess shedding and stops pets from trying to file their nails on your furniture and carpet. It can also help avoid accidental damage and injury. Overgrown nails can puncture furniture, car seats, and people. So having Scruffy 2 Fluffy keep your pet’s claws intact helps you and your family as much as it helps your dog or cat.

It only takes a quick visual scan of the park to identify the animals that go to the pet groomer. They’re neater and cleaner with shiny coats and pleasant demeanors. Scruffy 2 Fluffy can keep your buddy on the cute list with convenient pet grooming appointments. They can also keep your whole family safer by lessening the chances for accidents. Grooming pets is mutually beneficial. So call Scruffy 2 Fluffy at 330.313.6192 and schedule your pet’s appointment today. Your buddy’s sure to enjoy the ride from North Canton, Ohio or Canal Fulton, Ohio and the special treatment they’ll get upon arrival.

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