Learn about the Benefits of Professional Window Tinting from Solar X Tinting in Medina, Ohio

All across the country, people are choosing to purchase glass films for their homes, businesses, and vehicles as a means of creating more energy-efficient windows. Gone are the days when professional window tinting was just used by those in the automotive industry; in fact, high-quality window films can now be found on everything from skyscrapers to sliding glass doors. Take a look around the Richland, Ohio; Ashland, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and greater Summit County, Ohio areas, and chances are that you’ll see more than a few homes and businesses with near-visible window tinting. More than that, the residential, commercial, and automotive window tinting provided to clients in these areas was more than likely performed by the same company—Solar X Tinting. With over thirty-five years in the industry, Solar X Tinting has become the go-to business for window film installation. Not only does this Medina, Ohio-based company assist those in need by using products from Johnson Window Films, but they also offer helpful advice, such as explaining why tinting is so important.

For those who are unfamiliar with the benefits of professional window tinting, this type of service may seem a little strange, particularly when it’s performed on homes and businesses. Sure, window tinting on cars has been done for years, but that’s because it helps to cut down on glare and increase visibility for drivers. It can’t really be that advantageous for a business or homeowner to purchase glass films, right?

Actually, it can.

The truth is that there are at least seven major reasons why you should obtain residential, commercial, or automotive window tinting from a reputable company like Solar X Tinting.

For starters, having glass films installed on your Richland, Ashland, or Wooster building can help decrease the amount of heat that’s produced inside. Clear, untreated glass only blocks roughly 14% of the sun’s energy, while products from Johnson Window Films reject 79%! This is definitely something to take into consideration, as tinting your windows can aid in creating a cooler, more comfortable environment inside your home, office, or car.

Something else that many people don’t consider is how professional window tinting can reduce fading and health risks. UV rays that seep through your windows can not only damage your furnishings and interior over time, but they can also prove harmful to your skin and eyes. By having Solar X Tinting install some Johnson Window Films products in your car, office, or home, you can eliminate over 98% of the UV rays that would pass through regular glass.

As previously mentioned, most people think of glass films in terms of glare reduction. However, this isn’t just a benefit to drivers, but office workers and homeowners as well. Whether it’s caused by direct sunlight, headlights, or the reflection from another surface, glare is a nuisance. Getting residential, commercial, or automotive window tinting from Solar X Tinting can significantly decrease the amount of glare you experience in your home, office, or car.

In regards to cutting down on energy costs, tinting the windows of your car or Summit County building will also allow you to receive significant savings. As the heat in your vehicle, office, or home goes up due to sunlight streaming through your windows, you’ll be forced to increase your AC. However, energy-efficient windows have been shown to combat sunlight and the resulting heat, reducing the amount and frequency of air conditioning usage. Not only does this help businesses and homeowners with their monthly bills, but it can also lead to better fuel performance for drivers.

Some of the Johnson Window Films products used by Solar X Tinting also come with the added bonus of increasing safety and security. Thicker films can prevent shattering and protect against theft. Plus, others give you the option of simply peeling off graffiti that has been sprayed or painted on your windows.

As far as appearance goes, the products used by this Medina-based business can also enhance the exterior of your home, office, or vehicle. The glass films installed by Solar X Tinting come in a wide range of colors and privacy levels. Not only can you eliminate visibility with blackout film, but you can even obtain decorative film to improve the aesthetics of your car or building.

Finally, you’ll be pleased to learn that on top of the aforementioned benefits, obtaining professional window tinting from Solar X Tinting is fast and easy. Regardless of whether you want energy-efficient windows for your home, thick Johnson Window Films products on your office, or traditional glass films on your vehicle, this Medina, Ohio-based company will perform the task in a quick and efficient manner. Having installed window films for countless clients throughout Richland, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; Ashland, Ohio; and the greater Summit County, Ohio area, Solar X Tinting has this service down to an art form. So, if you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of residential, commercial, or automotive window tinting, just give this local company a call at 330.419.8512.

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