Learn How to Make a Miniature Garden & Find Miniature Plants at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio

The miniature garden is growing in popularity. These pint-sized wonderlands filled with plants and character pieces are popping up everywhere – and in seemingly everything! Maybe you’ve seen one spicing up a front porch in Akron, Ohio or bringing new life to a friend’s living room in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. And now you want your own? Well, the gardening gurus at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio are going to make it easy for you. They’re going to tell you how to make a miniature garden. And you can find the miniature garden plants to fill it at their local garden center.

Choose a Container

Miniature gardens are also known as fairy gardens. But since these little worlds are crafted from each creator’s imagination, we don’t believe any one label fits. Your miniature garden can be whimsical just as it can be a war land. It can be home to unicorns or manned by soldiers. The fun exists in customization which begins when you choose your container. Anything – and we mean anything – with sides, a bottom, and an open top can contain your miniature garden. It must only be deep enough to hold three inches of soil.

Miniature Garden Plants

Your plant selection should be based on where you plan to keep your garden. And we don’t mean
Akron or Cuyahoga Falls. Will it be outside getting full sun, inside by a window getting partial sun, or in your office getting little to no sun? Reason being, your miniature garden plants will be tiny versions of plants you’ve seen before. Ferns, Ivy, herbs, rubber plants and succulent plants like Jade, Aloe Vera and cacti are some examples of what you can find at Manda’s Plant Farm. Tip: succulent plants require little watering which works for gardeners who might forget.

Set the Scene

Once you have your miniature garden plants and your dresser drawer, whiskey barrel, picnic basket, suitcase or whatever you choose as your container – it’s time to set the scene! Be sure to discuss your plants’ watering needs with the experts at the local garden center in Canal Fulton so you can allow for proper drainage. Fill your container with soil, place your plants, and bring on the character pieces! Think umbrellas for beach gardens, tiny wine bottles for social gardens, or animals for jungle gardens. Then, let your imagination decide which pieces are perfect for your garden. And with that, you know how to make a miniature garden!

If you’re wondering whether it’s really this easy – we assure you it is! The simplicity and creativity of miniature gardens has much to do with their steadily increasing popularity. And now that you know how to make a miniature garden, head to Manda’s Plant Farm and explore their selection of miniature garden plants. The local garden center is just minutes away from Akron, Ohio; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; and other northern parts of Summit County. You can craft your vision from their selection or draw inspiration from what you see. Already have a special plant in mind? Call 330.854.2637 and ask for it! You can also get a sneak peek on Facebook.

Manda’s Plant Farm
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